What Google’s CEO Said to Their Employees

Google’s CEO tells employees that they need to be more productive and focused, and he starts a programed called “Simplicity Sprint” to get feedback from employees on how to do this.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai


On Wednesday, Google CEO sundar pichai told employees about a new project called “Simplicity Sprint.” This project will ask Google’s more than 174,000 employees for ideas on where to focus and how to make things more efficient. Pichai said that Google isn’t as productive as it should be given the number of employees, and he warned of a toughening economy.

Who Is the in charge of Human Resources at Google?


Fiona Cicconi, who is in charge of human resources at Google, said that the company is “not currently looking to reduce Google’s overall workforce.” She also said that the company needs to be more efficient and focused.

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What Is the New Project of GOOGLE?

Google is starting a new project called “Simplicity Sprint” to help employees work more efficiently and stay focused in a time when the economy isn’t stable.

Last Wednesday, the Alphabet company held its regular all-hands meeting. The mood was a bit tense because employees were worried about layoffs and CEO Sundar Pichai asked for feedback, according to people who were there and internal documents that CNBC saw.

Even though Google has a lot of employees, Pichai told them in the meeting that the company shouldn’t be making as much money as it is.

What Pichai Says About the Company Earnings?

Pichai began by talking about the company’s earnings report for the second quarter, which came out Tuesday. He said, “I wanted to give some more context and also ask for your help.” “It’s clear that the macro environment is hard and that there will be more uncertainty in the future.”


He also said, “There are real worries that our overall productivity is not where it should be for the number of people we have.” He asked his workers to help him “create a culture that is more focused on our mission, our products, and our customers.” We should think about how we can cut down on distractions and really raise the bar on both product quality and productivity.

What Is the Company Report?

It comes after the company reported Tuesday that its earnings and sales for the second quarter in a row were lower than expected. The growth of sales slowed in the third quarter 13% from 62% a year earlier.


When the company was doing well because the Covid pandemic was over and people were spending more money. Ruth Porat, the company’s CFO, said that she thought some of the problems would keep happening in the near future, but the company doesn’t give formal guidance.

What Pichai Says About the Hiring and Investments?

Pichai recently said that Google would slow down the rate of hiring and investments through 2023. He also asked employees to work “with more urgency” and “hunger” than they did “on sunnier days.”


Pichai told Google’s more than 170,000 full-time employees at an all-hands meeting on Wednesday, “I would love to have all of your help.” So, Pichai started a “Simplicity Sprint” to get ideas from the public on how to make product development go faster. “Sprint” is a word that software developers and tech startups often use to talk about short, focused pushes toward a common goal.

Pichai Company Employees

Pichai said that the company is giving employees until August 15 to share their ideas through an internal survey that asks if management can get in touch with them if they have more questions. During the meeting, Pichai said that the company is trying to “get better results faster.”

CNBC saw the survey, which shows that it could also be used to cut back in some areas that the company shouldn’t make as much money as it does. “What would help you work more clearly and quickly to serve our users and customers? Where should we get rid of speed bumps to get better results more quickly? How do we get rid of waste and keep being creative and on track as we grow?” The request is also being made when the company is trying to ease tensions between employees and executives.


An annual survey called “Google Geist” showed that employees gave the company low marks for pay, promotions, and execution. At the time, Google executive Prabhakar Raghavan wrote, “That means we need to pay more attention to busting bureaucracy.” He was referring to a 7% drop in the number of people who thought Google did a good job.

Raghavan is one of the company’s most important and powerful executives. He is in charge of search, ads, mapping, and other things. In May, the company said it would change how it evaluates employee performance, which will lead to higher salaries and less red tape around compensation and raises.

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“Some Worry”

At the all-hands meeting on Wednesday, managers talked to employees about their worries about possible layoffs. “Should I go to college?” was one of the most-asked questions we expect layoffs based on Sundar’s statement that bringing Google’s focus into sharper focus means “consolidating where investments overlap and streamlining processes”?” Pichai gave the question to Fiona Cicconi, who is in charge of people at Google. Cicconi said that the company is still hiring and that there are no plans for layoffs right now, but she didn’t say that it wouldn’t happen.

“We want teams to be more focused and efficient, and as a company, we’re figuring out what that means. Even though we don’t know what the economy will be like in the future, we’re not looking to cut Google’s overall staff right now.”

She also said, “I really get that there is some anxiety about this based on what we hear from other companies and what they’re doing, and as Sundar said, we’re still hiring for important roles,” Cicconi said. She told employees to remember that this is still the most people the company has ever hired in one year.

Alphabet in the Second Quarter:

Alphabet said that in the second quarter, it had 174,014 full-time employees, up from 144,056 the year before. But the company said last month that it will slow down hiring and investments through 2023, and Pichai told employees in a memo that “we’re not immune to economic headwinds.”


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