5 Things to Notice in This Amazing Indoor Cycling App

Have you ever used the latest Indoor cycling app named Vingo? It is an astonishing app that gives you the ability to do many new things. After all, who would have thought that we could exercise in a virtual world that is realistic and true in most senses. Here is the list of top 5 things that you would notice inside the Vingo app.

Create Your Digital Avatar Inside the World of Vingo

First thing that you will notice inside the app is the ability to create and personalise your digital avatar. Well, you can’t create tall Pandoran avatars that you can ride in the mythical world of Pandora. However, with the app, you can create realistic avatars of yourself. This way, you will look similar to your real life in the virtual world also. You can do this by simply uploading your best photo. Or you can also take a selfie using your phone camera and the app will create your digital avatar in a few seconds.

Take a Digital Companion Dog During Your Cycling Workouts

Another interesting thing that you will find inside the app is the ability to take a dog on your workouts. During Indoor cycling sessions, you can get a digital dog that follows you during your cycling. This way, you will have a companion who can take care of you and whom you can take care of. You can also customise the dog by getting more points and cycling more distance. Every time you unlock a level, you will get more opportunities and abilities to change the skin of the dog or wear custom gear for yourself and your dog.

Start New Exercises Every Time You Want But Maintain Old Ones

How many times have you felt bad that you couldn’t continue exploring a place or restarting from where you have left in the real world? Now that is a thing of the past, as the app gives you the ability to pause your workouts and continue them whenever you want. Pause your workouts and continue from where you have left. This comes handy when you are exploring a new map inside the world of Vingo.

Race your Friends and Colleagues & Win The Competition

You can also find your friends and colleagues inside the world of vingo and challenge them to race with you. You can practise Online cycling this way without feeling bored and tired. When you go against a live person, you will be able to push your limits much better. You can also attend cyber competitions that happen in the virtual world.

Bored of Cycling? Try Running or Jogging with the Same Vingo App

If you are too tired to cycle or if you are bored of the same workouts on a daily basis, you can use it as a jogging app and create your personalised running routes. This way, you can use the app for running or jogging too. So, what is stopping you from enjoying your workouts and getting fit at the same time?

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