Cryptocurrency Bot Creation Process

The world of trading is not the same as it was before. Due to the fast pace, traders are looking for ways to automate their buying/selling. No one wants to miss the opportunity of making money while watching Netflix. While TopFlight is covering a detailed guide on how to create a cryptocurrency bot, we will talk about how to ensure effective and smooth cryptocurrency development. 

Cryptocurrency Bots- What Are They?

Cryptocurrency bots are on the rise because some see them as mad gains, while others are looking to automate the process. 2021 attracted a lot of crypto traders who were looking for instant wealth to the crypto bots. Seeing this as leverage, many companies started learning how to build a crypto bot and came up with state-of-the-art solutions. 

Right now, if you were to pick a crypto bot, you would be overwhelmed with the choices that are available in the market. Crypt bots are divided into these categories

  • Trend-following bots that depend on quantitative analysis of when to buy or sell. 
  • Arbitrage bots which many money by comparing price differences of different exchange platforms
  • Bots that automate the portfolio, managing a fixed percentage of coins

But the question is, why is everyone trying to make a crypto trading bot? Well, there are advantages to this technology. 

No Sleep

We all know that bots- whatever kind, don’t sleep. They tend to automate the process, allowing you to give time to their parts of the business. This is exactly what crypto bots do. They make money while you are watching the latest episode of House of Dragon. 

No Emotions

Crypto bots don’t make trades based on feelings or emotions. Meaning there is no human error involved. Since these beasts are quantitative, they make better trade, showering you with money. 

Bots are Fast

What if the software can consume millions of sources without ever crashing? Now, add it to a computational power that is way too good. The result is a crypto bot. Are no humans involved? That means no one is slowing down while checking the trade. 

Having an army of autonomous crypto trading bots that are bringing in passive income and never asking for a break sounds like a perfect solution, right?

Ok, so these are autonomous bots and have a number of advantages. But how do they work? See, a good bot is all about the algo incorporated in it. The algo defines the trading strategy. So, if you want to create a cryptocurrency trading bot, understand the workflow of these digital worms. 

Typically, crypt bots operate using these three things to execute a trading transaction successfully

  • Latest and historical data
  • Risk Assessment
  • Executing Data using trading platforms APIs

This is just an overview of how these bots work. There is an extensive back-end code involved in this. Think of the bots as you put an endless limit to the buy/sell option. 

The idea behind giving you an overview of crypto bots is to tell you what to expect when you want to make a crypto trading bot. 

Create a Cryptocurrency Bot- What is involved?

We think you are ready to jump into this warzone. Building a cryptocurrency trading bot requires several steps. The steps are as follows. 

Establishing the Trading Strategy

Before going towards building a bot, your main focus should be developing a well-defined strategy. In this step, you will define the indicators and signals that you want your bot to check for decision-making. Examples of such strategies are moving averages, candlestick patterns, and volume analysis.

Choosing the Right Coding Language

We have emphasized the algo used in the bot. Well, for effective results, you will need a powerful programming language that can cater to the algorithm. Popular languages used for crypto bots are Python, Java, and Node.js. Choose what suits you best. 

A Perfect Crypto Exchange Matters

Obviously, there is a need to link your crypto bot to an exchange. For that, look for exchanges that offer API integrations. Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken are good options that provide good API integrations. 

The Two D’s

After API, it is time for design and development. For design, you need to choose whether your bot will be a rule-based or machine-learning bot. We have also given the type of bots that are available on the market. Analyze them!!!

After analyzing, start the development stage. Ask developers to make the UI, write code for strategy, set up the cloud platform, link it with the exchange, and test the product. 

The Last D

Deployment is the last step in this blog on how to create a cryptocurrency bot. Once tested and fixed, release it in the real environment, and keep track of the performance of the bot. 

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