Jordan – Yala, Yala the 8 Memorable Trip Experiences

Yala in Arabic signifies “Let’s Go!” It was the favourite saying of Osama, the guide on our seven-day Jordan Escape tour by Globus. It was a word I quickly grew to appreciate because of its sly push to yet another unforgettable Jordan adventure.

I am in love with the people I met during my first trip to Airport with Khalid. In the 40 minutes we spent together, he gave me an understanding of the culture and history of Jordan. Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (through an entertaining game format).

Our Tagline Reads, “Create Better Memories”

Our Tagline Reads, “Create Better Memories”

Stay present and look out for the moments, both big and small, which can make you laugh and provide you with stories to tell over the years around the campfire to follow. I didn’t think much about my trip to Bethany Beyond the Jordan, the location in which Jesus was Baptized by John more than two thousand decades ago.

Catholic Schools

I was not only raised Catholic and went to Catholic schools; however, I also received my degree as a teacher at the Catholic University and taught in Catholic schools. Since we arrived in the early morning in Jordan, prior to the crowds and were on an organized private tour with Globus, Rustom allowed us to walk to the river and then bless us by the water.

Catholic Schools

In the first position in my line of sight, I worried that I could fail. However, I was able to remember to sign the cross. My many years of attending church are not insignificant to me. It was not until later that I realized how important the experience was of being in the spot in which an individual of the more famous historical, influential and important figures in humanity was baptized.

Taking a 9-Mile Hike Through Petra

The walkout from the Siq and along the curving route of the orange and red canyon to Petra and looking out over the Treasury – the most famous picture of Petra is an amazing image that deserves its New World Wonder label. In Petra, we took the 9-mile hike that we took to get to this ancient Rock City via the back door. It took us some miles before we arrived at our backdoor in Jordan.

Taking a 9-Mile Hike Through Petra

It was a trail (best with the help of a guide) was breathtaking desert scenery with stunning panoramas of mountains as well as across the vast lake that is Wadi Araba. This offered a glimpse of what it would look and feel like when you rode through the direction of Petra hundreds of years ago in your caravan of trade.

What Made Us Get Away From the Ideal Route?

We extended our nine miles of walking by returning to the city (Jordan) to see Petra at night. Although our legs resisted, it was a blast strolling through the dark Siq that was only illuminated by lanterns along either side of the path and the night sky above until we reached the Treasury.

What Made Us Get Away From the Ideal Route?

There was no light. The light came coming from the evenly spaced candle scattered on the desert floor just in front of the dark silhouette of the Treasury. Spend more time than an instant “I was here photo” in front of the Treasury in Petra. There is a wealth of riches just a bit further down the road.

Climbing the Hill

After climbing the hill and apprehension of being thrown off again. This was due to no fault of my peaceful and steady dromedary. But rather the uncontrollable laughter coursing through my body. It was the most intense fitness routine. White foam was bubbling out of its mouth and nose. As if someone had put in too many suds in the machine to wash. His tongue would slip out from his mouth, which only increased the volume of our squealing laughter.

 These are the times I am most eager to bring you beauty, warmth, and love everywhere. We tend to forget or don’t even notice it due to negative (sometimes false) reports that flood through our screens.

A Sunset Float in the Dead Sea

Before my excursion to Jordan, I was of the opinion that is on the Dead Sea was something you did in Israel. Middle Eastern Geography was obviously not my thing since it is the Dead Sea is the border between Jordan and Israel.

A Sunset Float in the Dead Sea

We stayed at the beautiful Movenpick Resort & Spa located on the Dead Sea that had private access to the beach water. The Dead Sea is 35 per cent salt and is packed with amazing minerals to nourish the body.

Highest Point on Earth

Highest Point on Earth

At 420 meters below sea level, it’s, in addition, the highest point on Earth. Because of the barometric pressure that is present at this level that surrounds the Dead Sea-Dead Sea is up to eight per cent oxygen richer than the sea air in jordan. It was a bit sloppy at the time we went to the place, and we had to work our bodies slightly more so that we didn’t slam on the floor and let water in our mouths or eyes.

It was a great ending to a fantastic Jordan trip with a group of friends. We had lots of fun filming one another stuck in the mud and floating around in the Dead Sea. Find out more about the Reel here.

The Hilariously Frothing Camel Ride Through Wadi Rum

The Hilariously Frothing Camel Ride Through Wadi Rum

My whole experience of Wadi Rum was unforgettable. My favorite memory, one that I’m still laughing about it. Was the brief 20-minute camel ride over the sands to our Bedouin camping area. I hesitated to say Yes, but how can you possibly not ride on a camel in the Middle Eastern desert?

Have you ever been onto the top of a camel or been ejected from one.  You’re aware that it’s an uncomfortable experience that shatters your brain’s idea of a secure animal mount. It’s only one high-pitched sense of “Oh My God, I’m going over the camel’s head to face-plant in the sand”.

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