How to Spend Two Days In This Ancient Roman City
How to Spend Two Days In This Ancient Roman City

If you’re in search of interesting and interesting places to visit in Britain like Roman with an interesting tale to tell – both contemporary and modern The beautiful and historical Bath city Bath located in England, is the perfect spot for you!

We visited Bath during our two-week holiday from London and decided to make the most of its proximity to the city via train (80 minutes) to visit Bath during a two-night stay. Craig along with I had previously taken an excursion to Bath in the early 20th century, and we wanted to take our daughters to Bath to discover its past and beauty. A long history of beyond than two thousand years, Bath has many interesting activities to be done within Bath.

Why Visit Bath?

Bath, England, is the only town in the UK which is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a grandness that is hard to deny as you wander through its stunning streets lined with breathtaking Georgian Architecture made from local golden-cultured Bath limestone in Roman. This is the reason it made a list, alongside its captivating Roman remains, Thermal hot springs and stunning countryside surroundings. The city was established in the 1st century AD during the time of the Roman, who made use of the hot springs that were naturally found in the area as an in-situ thermal spa. (Although there is evidence that suggests Bath was a place of worship of the Celtics. )

The 18th century was the time when the kings George L ll, and III aided in the development of the city into a luxurious spa city renowned for its writing and art.

Over the last few decades, Bath is now at the top of everyone’s lists of places to visit in

Visit Bath

England due to the Netflix popular show, Bridgeton, which was filmed extensively in Bath, which was the perfect setting for the glamour and romanticism of Regency London. When it was released on Christmas 2020, the show quickly became the largest network show that has aired.

Gorgeous as it Looks to be on the Bridgeton Screen

One thing I really enjoyed one thing I loved about Bath was the simplicity of moving to and from the city. It’s very walkable, and the majority of streets in the historic part of the city are pedestrian-friendly or are a little crowded with automobile traffic. It’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of Bath and experience its splendor, and get acquainted with the local independent stores and establishments. We had an unusually cold day in Bath with a mix of clouds of sunshine and snow, but we weren’t deterred from continuing to walk around and explore this beautiful English city.

Bath is Just as Gorgeous as it Looks to be on the Bridgerton Screen
Bath is Just as Gorgeous as it Looks to be on the Bridgerton Screen

This isn’t an exhaustive list of things you can do in Bath and of which there are many to choose from – however, we have some ideas on the best way to make the most of your two days spent within Bath, which covers some of the highlights that we have experienced, based on our own personal experience!

We’ll first share the Bath places we enjoyed as well as some of the places we went for food and drinks, as well as our gorgeous Georgian hotel that has Bridgeton impressions. We’ll also provide procedures for getting to Bath, as well as a sample two-day itinerary that we took in Bath to aid you in planning your day.

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Where is Bath?

Bath is situated within Bath is located in the Avon Valley in Somerset in the South West of England. It is located in the midst of limestone hills because it lies near the southern end of the Cotswold’s.

Where is Bath
Where is Bath

The city is located just 160 km/100 miles away from London, 12 miles away from Bristol, which is the biggest town in Bristol in the South West of England. The city is also one hour to the east away from Cardiff in Wales and half an hour from Stonehenge! This, along with the seven hills that surround it, makes it an ideal location to explore the entirety of southwest Britain.

Where to Stay in Bath?

If you live in a place such as Bath, the most memorable part of the experience includes living in an accommodation that showcases the beauty and uniqueness of Georgian design. We enjoyed our stay as guests at Steam House, a luxurious Georgian townhouse with a contemporary chic style that has the Bridgeton style. Like every other scene from the Netflix series, this one is bursting with color, including the featured floral wallpaper, the photo booths adorned with blooms, the bright furnishings and couches that are cultured as well as the tiny frames that resemble the letters of Lady Whistled own.

Where to Stay in Bath
Where to Stay in Bath

The floor has five levels and six bedrooms, which can sleep up to 25 guests. The bedrooms are equipped with a king-sized bed that is dismantled into single beds. There are additional single beds as well as a couple of sets of full-sized bunk beds to accommodate guests.

Each room comes with its own dry Bath that is adorned with comfy pink stool seating in front of huge mirrors, which have hairdryers as well as straighteners. There are also bathtubs located near windows in your main area and one in the bathroom.

We were pleased with the laundry room as a place to catch up on our laundry after a whole week in London!

The townhouse is large and ideal for large numbers of families and travelers together. It is actually an affordable and elegant Bath hotel option.

The home was situated a simple 15-minute walk to Bath central city. It is pinpointed across the street from a tiny Tesco and some other small independent stores. The house was just around the corner from Lady Danbury’s home and a great neighborhood bar for rugby!

Take a Guided Walking Tour of Bath

It is a good idea to begin your Bath tour with a walking tour in Roman. It will provide you with an excellent view of the city, including the background of Bath as well as some of the people who have lived there and what the modern Bath is similar to, and an insight into what the most enjoyable activities to enjoy during your stay in Bath is! So you’ll know the things you’ll want to revisit in the future and feel on a more profound level during your time at Bath.

Walking Tour of Bath
Walking Tour of Bath

Our guide on tour was welcoming and knowledgeable. She took the time to engage our children in the discussion. She carried a bag full of objects she would pull out to aid in telling the story as often as she was able to. It pointed out areas in which popular TV shows or movies were filmed, such as Bridgeton and Bath Street, where the new Willy Wonka was filmed only days before our visit. The first time you heard about it was here.

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Bath Abbey and Roman Baths

We started the tour with a visit to Bath Abbey and Roman Baths. Bath Abbey and Roman Baths where we were taught about the history of the Bath Abbey starting from the Romans up to Medieval and Georgian time periods.

Bath Abbey and Roman Baths
Bath Abbey and Roman Baths

Then we went up to the more contemporary Bath (hundreds of decades-old and modern), where we were able to learn more about the history of architecture that was Bath and its luxurious residential areas, including The Royal Crescent, the Circus as well as the Royal Crescent, and the Assembly Rooms (which were shut).

If we had done this tour in the first place, I would have gone back to explore the inside of the Assembly Rooms (the glamour settings of the Bridgeton Balls! )

Experience the Ancient Roman Baths

The most popular and well-known tourist attraction of Bath is the ancient Roman Baths, The location of the only natural thermal water source.

It is located in the mid of the city. It is one of the best-preserved Roman sites in the world and also the most significant north in the Alps.

The beautiful city that the Romans constructed around the baths was known as Aqua Solis.

The Roman Baths can give you an excellent understanding of the way life was in the past Roman times and how the therapeutic thermal waters served as an area of community gatherings and spiritual connections.

An Audio Self-Guided journey

An audio self-guided journey is going to lead you through some of the first Roman roads to view the water that is bubbling in the Great Bath and Sacred Spring, as well as the treatment rooms and saunas, the ruin of the Temple of Solis Minerva, and other artefacts discovered in excavations, such as the head made of bronze in gold the goddess Sulis Minerva.

I was really impressed by seeing projected pictures of Roman characters, which gave you an idea of what the room might look like. There is also an animated rendering of how (thought as) Gorgon’s head in the Temple Pediment would have looked in Roman times.

An Audio Self-Guided journey
An Audio Self-Guided journey

My favourite was to learn about curses. In which people would write on the surface of a lead piece cursed to the people. Who did the wrong thing and throw it into baths, believing that Silus Minerva would catch it and take revenge!

I loved the idea of writing down your grievances. And letting them go to the karma to be taken charge of.

Set aside two hours to enjoy this experience. We were lucky enough to be able to walk right in, but generally. Since it’s Baths “top attraction, there can be a flurry of crowds. Therefore, make sure to book ahead and be there early. (They are currently running timed entries). ).

“The Roman Baths are one of the top experiences to take during your time in Bath. England, so for those who are new to the area, this is something you should not leave out!

The Bath Abbey

Just outside Baths Roman, right on the doorstep of Baths. It is the stunning Bath Abbey, the last Medieval Abbey of its kind. We were able to learn more about background of the abbey during an excursion on foot.

Bath Abbey
Bath Abbey

The interior is designed to be filled with stunning glass windows made of stone. And an afghan-vaulted ceiling considered to be among the most beautiful in the world.

It is possible to climb the 212 steps of the Bath Abbey for 360-degree views of Bath. We’ll leave this for our next visit to Bath.

Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein

Visitors to Bath are enticed by Bath’s Jane Austin story as she lived in Bath for five years. And loved the story. But did you know that there is a female writer in Bath. Who created an epic story that would alter the course of history?

Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein, The first novel of science fiction. Composed the majority of it when she resided in Bath in 1816 when she was an 18-year-old. There is no longer a visible sign of the house she lived in since it was demolished. After it was discovered that the Roman Baths were beneath. The place is now called The Pump Room.

A brand new attraction in Bath, Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein pays tribute to her. By telling the story of her life that was a bit turbulent. And her bizarre union with Percy Shelley. And friendship with Lord Bryon, as well as what drove her writing the novel about the beloved creature. Through the years.

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Floors Filled with Interesting Stories

You’ll find four floors filled with interesting stories, rare objects, special effects and props in Roman. As well as an intimate cinema that shows the original silent film of 11 minutes. Check out if it scares you or is funny!

What I really enjoyed was learning about the real Frankenstein that Mary Shelley’s novel could have looked like. It’s not the green-cultured version we’ve come to know.

There’s only an inch of text in the book which actually describes Frankenstein. And the owners gave the outline to an animatronics specialist who began creating the creature. It is on display in the museum.

Floors Filled with Interesting Stories
Floors Filled with Interesting Stories

The next thing to open in the HOF will be an Escape Room. It is situated inside the attic laboratory of Victor Frankenstein. We took a quick look inside the lab. And if you like playing games like this and you love them, you’ll enjoy this one. It is your responsibility to locate the body parts that will help make Frankenstein!

The excitement continues into the cellar. This thrilling part of the museum is as if you’re walking through your favorite haunted house at Halloween. The museum is filled with bizarre creatures and objects that rattle, shake, and leap out! Some kids might find this somewhat frightening. Our daughters raced out of the room halfway through.

The House of Frankenstein is a brand-new Bath attraction. It’s among those positive successes that grew from the pandemic where ideas for people began to be without cost.

Admire The Royal Crescent

It is regarded as one of the most beautiful examples of Georgian design in Britain. The Royal Crescent is one of the unique things to take part in when visiting Bath. The HTML0 is the magnificent sweep of 30 terraced Grade 1 listed homes, Each with a view of what once was the rolling countryside.

Admire The Royal Crescent
Admire The Royal Crescent

In our walk, we learned about architect father and son John Wood Snr. And John Wood Jnr. who were the architects responsible for the design of a lot in the “newer” Bath.

Getting to Bath

The most feasible way to get to Bath is via train in Roman. It takes about 80 minutes direct to London (Paddington Station). The tickets we booked on Trainline using the Great Western Railway service.

Getting to Bath
Getting to Bath

We also took the train between Bath to Oxford and back. Which is an option if it comes from this direction. It took just over an hour, but it did include one stop and one change. It is located at the Bath Spa train station is located in the city. From there, we walked for 15 minutes either way to our hotel and other sites.

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