13 Best Places To Visit In Utah No One Tells You About

When you think of places to visit in Utah, there are probably the most famous Utah tourist attractions such as Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Canyonlands National Park as well as Arches National Park on your list.

We suggest you do. These are amazing National parks across the United States.

However, there is a myriad of additional amazing places to explore located in Utah off the beaten track you might not have known about.

They’re as stunning as the major tourist attractions in Utah and usually involve more adventure, mostly due to the fact that there’s a considerable decrease in the number of people to enjoy them with.

We spent 6 weeks on our recent USA trip exploring Southern Utah.

We always prefer writing from our own experience and not from collabs or desk research – we only endorse the things we’ve experienced. Therefore we’re only providing Southern Utah recommendations in this blog. We hope to visit Utah for more fun spots close to Salt Lake City. (Here is an itinerary of 43 things you can do in Utah, which includes some North Utah attractions)

This is one of the undiscovered treasures of Utah and lesser-known adventures.

We have detailed articles and videos about every one of the tourist destinations in Utah that are listed below.

Adventures Places to Visit Southern Utah

We also recorded the information in podcast format, in case you’d prefer to listen to us talk about it and share our experiences! Make sure to pass it along and share the information with your loved ones.

With plenty of space as big as the sky, red dirt and plenty of breath of air fresh, Utah can be considered one of the more appealing locations in the US in these difficult times. In reality, we believe you’ll be able to find it increases the physical endurance, immune system and mental wellbeing.

Snow Canyon State Park, St George

Take a look at these images of Snow Canyon State Park – the ultimate Utah hidden treasure. A fantastic alternative to the nearby Zion National Park Place, Snow Canyon is a scenic park with 7,400 acres close to St George in Southwestern Utah.

Our excursion led us on an exciting journey through a forest as well as a gorge area as well as petrified sand dunes as well a lava tube.

This park consists of volcanic cinder cones, Sand dunes and dunes of deep red yellow, burnt orange and white sandstone cliffs. Twisting layer of rocks.

The site is also a favoured area to be in Utah in the state of Utah for climbing.

Red Reef Trail, St George

A single of the most amazing activities to enjoy in Utahis the Red Reef Trail. The Red Reef Recreation Area is most likely one of the spots in Utah you’ve not ever heard of. I think I saw the information in a brochure and thought it was cool. It is conveniently just across the street from our camping spot in Hurricane, which is why we decided to stop by and take a look.

It was the Red Reef hiking trail was the first time for girls to experience the thrill of hiking. They were in love. I’ll never forget the fear and excitement that swept across their faces when they climbed up a rocky rock face next to a waterfall, using just a rope to hang to. Their courage was inspiring.

Lower Calf Creek Falls, Highway Scenic 12 in Utah

The amazing Lower Calf Creek Falls Place. The Lower Calf Creek Falls is located in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument located in Southern Utah. The trail runs through a valley which is surrounded by massive cliffs of pink, red, and yellow.

This is typical of Utah, one of the most colourful locations on earth. Then, it passes through a low, shady scrub along with a sandy bamboo track alongside the creek before opening to reveal this magnificent waterfall – a famous Utah attraction

Capitol Reef National Park, Southern Utah

Walking up Cassidy Arch, Capitol Reef National Park. The sole Utah national park we’ve listed as a hidden jewel of Utah list is because it’s quieter and less known than the other national parks located in Utah.

It’s exquisite. It’s actually one of my favourite park nationals in the US and was included on this list of US national parks that you might not have heard of.

This National Park is among only a few natural arches within Utah that you can climb up to. Capitol Reef is filled with scenic drives, lush valleys, stunning views and challenging hiking trails.

Jeep Off-Roading in Moab

The most enjoyable places Utah adventures are rock crawling in Moab.

Are you looking forward to one of the most memorable Utah Place adventures you can have? I’m sure by now you’re aware that Moab is a cool Utah destination.

The experience of rock crawling in a jeep can take it to a whole different levels to travel. According to the podcast, an incredible time was had climbing the vertical rock walls that made us squeal, shout and laugh all at the same while laughing.

What a wonderful family-friendly thing to do in Utah! The constantly changing Red Rock country scenery only made the experience more enjoyable.

Our journey included a drive through the alpine forest that makes up The La Sal Mountains, up and over the massive soaring boulders and red rocks and ends with a great drive through sand dunes and up and down.

Shafer Trail Drive, Canyonlands National Park

The Shafer Trail Place, which winds through the forest, Canyonlands Islands in the Sky

Be ready to fasten your seat belts when you traverse the terrifying switchbacks on the Shafer trail that is located in Canyonlands National Park in Moab.

The drive down the Shafer Trail back to the peace Canyon floor is an unforgettable experience.

Make sure you check the for conditions in the Visitor Center because you might require the assistance of a 4WD. It is possible to go through the switchbacks using a two-wheel-drive down until the top. I would not recommend driving the remainder of the trail back to Moab with a 2WD, however.

I enjoyed driving along this road and then coming across Dead Horse Bend, where only a few days ago, we could sit on the ridge and watch our sunset from here. It’s has amazing places.

Sunset at Dead Horse Point State Park

The absolute must-see places in Utah one of them are is the sunset in Dead Horse Point State Park. A Utah Place attraction worth adding to your Utah bucket list. We believe that it’s among the top sunsets anywhere in the USA. Dead Horse Point is the most popular scenic view throughout the USA. The overlook rises at the height of 2,000 feet over the Colorado River, providing a stunning view of Canyonlands with its intricately sculpted pinnacles as well as buttes.

Bring a picnic to choose a spot along the walls of the mesa to take in the wonder of the sun setting up the breathtaking horseshoe bend of the Colorado River as it carves out the canyons surrounding. Plan your visit following an afternoon of taking a trip to the Islands of the Sky nearby in Canyonlands. You can camp in the park or spend more time exploring the park’s state park Place and the numerous hiking and biking trails designed to be amazing.

Valley of the Gods + Natural Bridges Monument

Another awesome place to visit In Utah is a place known as the Valley of the Gods. It’s more of a tranquil excursion since it’s mostly an amazing drive with stunning views.

We strongly recommend that you go free camp in this area. It’s serene and breathtaking. The views we had of Monument Valley in the distance were breathtaking.

It’s also within the Natural Bridges Monument, which is easy to explore within the course of a single day. There are trails that can be taken down to each of the natural bridges. Or take the longer hike of 10 miles that takes you through the three.

We trekked through Sepiku, which was possibly the most fun hike you could do with kids, particularly.


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