Pool Vacuum
How to Use a Manual Pool Vacuum


While cleaning machines are an essential device in Pool Vacuum, they could throw debris back into the water when it attempts to clean a pool that is brimming with debris or even algae.

If you’re facing an unsightly, green invasion, the use of the manual vacuum of your pool is almost essential to take on the creatures that are a water-squatter.

What You Need To Vacuum Your Pool Manually

It would be amazing living in an environment in which pools (and all other things) were kept clean. However, until these self-cleaning swimming pools are developed, then we’ll have to live in the present, and we’re in charge of cleaning our homes and belongings.

Prior to you clean in your swimming pool, you’ll require:

  • The pool vacuum head, Also known as a vac head
  • An HTML0 Telescopic pole to be attached to the head of the pool vacuum
  • The pool Vacuum pipe that is long enough to cover every inch within your backyard pool
  • A skim vaccum or pool vacuum plate (if needed)
  • An HTML0 Pool brush is to be attached to the pole

Bonus Tip: Got kids? Do they swim in the pool? Perhaps it’s time to assign them tasks to ensure it’s neat and clean. It’s just a suggestion.

If you’re in search of very detailed videos that teach you to clean your pool, enroll on this Pool Care Video Course. We’ll teach you the best procedure to connect your manual vacuum and then pool vacuum your pool efficiently, so you’ll be able to spend your time in the water.

Put Your Pool Filter to Work

If you are unable to get your children to utilize their pool vacuum, then you can at least utilize the filter for your pool in order to make this job a bit more simple.

If you’re carrying out regular checks and give your pool a regular cleaning, you might not have to alter the filter settings of your pool in any way. The basic “Filter” setting will do well.

Using Multiport Valve Filters

This can provide several choices, including a set of settings specifically designed for vacuuming, for instance, one that is called “Waste.” This setting removes water from the pool while by passing the filter.

This setting keeps you from clogging your filter with debris, flocculant, and dead/dying/annoyingly persistent algae.

It is important to note that if you employ this method, the pool’s water level will begin to fall as it is being vacuumed. Use a garden hose that has an attached filter the hose to supply fresh water as you vacuum and to keep air from the Skimmer’s inlet.

Using Two-Position Valve Filters

Sometimes referred to as “push-pull” valve filters, they are typically found in smaller swimming pools. They don’t come with a “Waste” option. Instead, with this system’s only setting–“Filter”–all the water you vacuum will be pulled into–and cleaned by–your pool’s filter. The water that is cleaned is returned to your pool.

It is important to note: This option is great for regular cleaning, as long as you wash the filter back before and after vacuuming your pool.

How to Set Up a Manual Pool Vacuum

The first step is to ensure that the filter and pump are in operation. Connect the vacuum head to an open side of the pole that is telescopic. Connect one side of the hose with the vac head. In case the hose becomes slippery, employ a hose clamp to hold it in place.

 Put the vacuum head and pole with telescopic and the hose into the pool. Make sure the vac head is on the floor.


You’ll notice bubbles appearing from the vacuum head that is on the flooring in the swimming pool. When the bubbles have stopped, and the air stops, it’s out from the hose. Connect the plate with the hose’s end that you previously placed on the return jet. Block the opening using your hands and transfer it to the Skimmer. Make sure you have an adequate seal. Otherwise, suction will disappear.

How to Vacuum Your Pool Manually

We’re not going to lie. You’re getting serious exercise if you plan to wash your pool manually. It’s going to require some time also, and you shouldn’t have any other plans for your afternoon. Start at the shallow part and slowly progress to the middle of the swimming pool. Utilize long, slow sweep strokes to clear.

Be sure to overlap your strokes slightly to prevent leaving particles left behind. To not overstate the importance, however, this is not the moment to try to beat the world’s fastest pool cleaning record. Like as the Beastie Boys might say, slow and steady is the pace. Speeding up will only create debris that will decrease visibility and will take a long time to get back to normal, which leaves you in the middle of another fun time of cleaning your pool.

After You Vacuum Your Pool

After you’ve cleaned the pool, you can remove all the vacuum heads from your telescoping pole and then drain any remaining water within the hose. Attach the scrub brush with the pole and use it to scrub any dirt, algae and other debris that has accumulated on the sides of the pool.

There’s no need to be anxious about the Pool Vacuum head! If it’s time to clean your pool, regardless of whether you’re an active person or fighting a battle against the algae that has invaded your backyard. You can complete the task by hand, with a bit of preparation, plenty of elbow grease and plenty of patience.

What If You Don’t Like Vacuuming Your Pool By Hand?

Welcome to the group! While some find it to be meditation, it’s an obligation. We are living in an age of advancing technology. We can assist you in transferring this task to a pool vacuum  that functions as a robot. The robots are referred to as automatic pool vacuums.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Independent cleaners that clean your Pool Vacuum with electricity. Plug them into the pool, and let them perform all the jobs on their own. The only thing you have to do is empty the filter bag built into them after they are filled with dirt. They are the most efficient automatic pool cleaners available on the market. However, they may be quite expensive. You are paying for what you get.

Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners

The cleaners connect to the return line of your pool. And utilize the water pressure of your filter system to run an automated cleaner that can be self-contained. And placed at the pool’s bottom. It will then collect particles and put them in a bag.

Suction-Side Pool Cleaners

This is a simple alternative to vacuuming your swimming pool manually in Pool Vacuum. They connect exactly the same way as when you manually vacuum your pool. The major difference is that they are able to move across the pool’s bottom themselves. So, you don’t have to be in the sun to do it all by yourself.



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