Yoga is an old practice that has taught people a lot about how the body and mind work. You can connect with the universal consciousness through asana and Pranayama.

In the yoga community, there is a big fight going on right now. Do you know what’s being argued? It’s a question: Should you do yoga on an empty stomach or a full one? The answer has been found by people who know about yoga.

Should You do Yoga When You’re Hungry or Not?


Yoga experts say that the best way to do yoga is on an empty stomach. It helps you get the most out of yoga. At least four hours should pass between your last meal and your yoga class. No matter if you’re just starting out with yoga or doing a Headstand, you should never do yoga when you’re full. But first, let’s find out why it’s never a good idea to do yoga when you’re full.

Why Should You not do Yoga When You’re Full?

Having food in your stomach while practicing can make you feel queasy. When the body is digesting food, you might feel like you need to clean up. It can make it hard to do yoga.


Not everything is just talking! Yoga experts can give you plenty of reasons why it makes sense to do yoga on an empty stomach.

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What are the good Reasons to do Yoga on an Empty Stomach?

The people who know the most about yoga have come up with three reasons why you should do yoga on an empty stomach.

Your Body Needs Time to Break Down Food:

Many studies show that it’s a good idea to do yoga on an empty stomach. One to two hours before asana practice, you should stop eating. If you eat a heavy meal, you should wait at least 4 hours before doing yoga. It takes a lot of energy and power to digest food. This is the kind of energy your body needs to do yoga. When you eat, your body sends energy to the tissues so that the food can be broken down. It is what moves food through the digestive tract.

This is the same energy that helps your body take in the nutrients it needs to stay with your health. When you do yoga, when you are full, that energy is taken away from the digestive process. So, your body can’t use all the nutrients it takes in. This stops the food from moving through your stomach and keeps it stuck there. Over time, this makes you feel full or gassy. So, it is a good idea to do yoga when you aren’t hungry.

Intermittent Fasting Helps in Weight Loss:

When you do yoga on an empty stomach, your body can use the fat it has stored as energy. When you do this when you are full, the opposite happens. It makes your body focus more on the food you eat than on the exercise you do.


Yoga is the best way to work out when you’re intermittently fasting because it’s easy on your body. When you don’t eat, your body is better able to focus on the workout. This helps you burn more calories when you work out hard. Even if you sign up for a class for people who are new to chair yoga, it will come in handy.

Being full Makes Yoga Less Effective:

Food in your stomach or intestines takes up space in your abdomen. In this state, it’s not a good idea to do hard yoga poses. So, doing headstands or shoulder stands makes your belly hurt more than it needs to.


When you do yoga, your stomach needs to be empty so that it has room to expand and contract. In spinal extension, you get a stronger twist and a deeper stretch. It helps your body move more easily from one yoga pose to the next. So, doing yoga on an empty stomach isn’t something you’ll come to regret.

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Can I Drink Coffee before Yoga?

Coffee gives your body the boost of energy it needs to do yoga. You can drink coffee at least an hour or two before practice. This gives your body enough time to deal with the caffeine.

Traditional yogis say you should stay away from all kinds of stimulants. When you take stimulants, it’s hard to go deeper into your yoga practice.


If you don’t eat anything before you do yoga, you can get the most out of it. Neither the basic yoga stretches nor the advanced yoga asanas are good to do when you are full.

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