This is a common mistake that many people, even business owners, make at times, thinking that logo design and visual identities are one and the same thing. But if you asked an experienced professional graphic designer or a marketer, they would tell you the exact difference between both these things. This much you would agree that an idea creates a business, but that isn’t sufficient for establishing one. Once you have created an idea and are able to present it on paper, the next very important thing in front of you remains; to present it in front of the world.

Your logo design tends to be a very important element of your business and your brand’s identity, but that’s not all about your visual identity. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that a logo plays a significant role in your brand’s visual identity. And here is when people get all confused with both these things. So, how to suggest the creation of logos to your professional graphic designer? And how will you be able to tell the team what has to be done? So for that, You need not worry because this article will explain how these two things are different and give you an understanding of both of them.

When you open a logo maker free website, you get loads and loads of options there. It consists of a company name, abbreviations, a bit of graphics, a trademark, and a few more elements if required. These things together make a visual representation of what your company sells, what it is going to do in future, its mission, and other things. However, one of the most crucial things your logo design must accomplish for your brand is to leave a lasting impression of itself. It is also the element that a person recognizes ahead of anything else in the market.

Therefore you can say that your logo design is going to be the image carrier of your brand. And also the symbol that people will recognize to know about your brand. It will be there not only on your goods and services but also on your brochure, products, and every other thing.

Getting an Insight About Visual Identity

The next thing that we will be learning about is visual identity. But before that, what will be your answer if someone asks you, “how will you determine the identity of a brand? “Don’t you think the brand’s identity always remains bigger than its visual properties? True, your visuals are going to be the intermediator between your products, services and your customers. But it’s not all that matters.

Rather create an identity of an organization, your goods, employees, organization building, services, after-delivery services, servicing part, and other elements- all of it matters. And that is the reason why your branch’s visual identity includes so much more than your logo. If you have a digital presence and want to create a buzz around it, everything that you do, including your marketing, will be included in your visual identity. If you have a website, a digital brochure, a digital service page, and online marketing- all of them play a vital role in creating a visual identity.

How to Create a Logo vs Creating a Visual Identity?

One of the most efficient methods to understand the difference between these two things you should know about their creation. A lot of people would already know multiple things about both of these, but here we are going to tell you a few key points that will surely help you understand these things.

So let’s start by knowing how to create a logo. Actually, even in knowing how you have to create a logo design, there are different parameters that have to be kept in mind. It surely is the work of your graphic designing team, but a lot of input and brainstorming has to go inside it to make it timeless. There are basically different types of logos, and some of the important ones among them are we should say common amongst them are Monograms, Wordmark, Emblem, Combination, and Badge.

To create a logo design, you will have to start by researching on the Internet, checking out your competition, looking for a free logo maker website, and then brainstorming on what kind of logo design will suit your system. After this, there are multiple steps that have to be followed by the designer before presenting a few options in front of you. It’s true that creating a logo is a complex process which exhausts not only efforts but also resources, but it’s of utmost importance.

One of the major components of your company’s branding and marketing is your logo design, and if this one gets right, you will not have any problems thereafter in many areas.

Fortunately, with the help of online free image editors, businesses can now easily create and edit their own logos and visual identities without the need for expensive software or professional design services.

  • Creating a Visual Identity

Now, first of all, you will have to understand that visual identity is not a single element or a commodity of your organization. It is something that you cannot touch (intangible), but it will matter a lot. And there are similar steps while creating a visual identity as that of a logo, but both of these are two different things. To create a visual identity, it’s not just your graphic designing team that has to work. There are multiple other teams that have to give in their input here.

Even while in the designing stage, you will have to keep in mind a lot of things that will make your visual identity so much better. So let’s have a look at a few things that will help you in making a better visual identity.

  • Analyzing your Company before and doing Anything else

Okay, so to get it started, you will have to first analyze your company and whatever it is going to do in the future. Isn’t this the same thing that you do while designing a logo in the initial steps? So to do this process the right way, you will have to jot down the company values, strengths, weaknesses, vision, mission, future endeavours, and everything that you know about your competitors on these parameters.

Post this, and you will have to define your target audience, which will be your second important thing in the visual identity.

  • Creating an Inspiring Board

To improve your chances of developing a stronger visual identity, you will have to choose better representatives for your company. An inspirational board will work as an anchor to your organization and will always help your organization in evolving better.

  • Choosing the Fonts and Colour Palettes Wisely

Next, when you sit down to create the visual identity and its elements, you will have to be very specific about the fonts and the colour palette that you are going to use. Keep in mind that all that you send out on digital and non-digital platforms about your company will be the bearer of your name. So will it not be better if you do it in the right way or the best way possible?

Also, keep in mind all your offerings and future plans before deciding on the colour palette or the font. Because whatever you create should be there and will be there for a long time.


If you are a business owner, you might want to get to know about this. And if you are someone who has just started up, we would suggest you give authority to this entire blog to understand various aspects that are discussed in this. It will not only help you in doing the analysis right but also in creating the logo design as well as the visual identity in the best way possible.

We will also suggest that you should read the market as well as the competitors well to establish a stronger and better marketing structure or other elements for your organization. This will help you in taking the edge off your competitors.

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