The price of an SSL certificate depends on the type of certificate you choose to protect your website. The cost of SSL certificate starts at $8 and goes up to $1000.

When you buy an SSL certificate, the price is a big part of your decision. The same goes for SSL certificates for your website. Before you choose an SSL certificate for your site, try to find out how much it costs.

So here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how much cost of SSL certificate, its significant benefits, and what factors affect its price. We have a lot to look at, so let’s not waste any more time and just get started!

What Is An SSL Certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer is what SSL stands for. SSL is a protocol that provides an encrypted link between browsers and servers via which information may be safely sent and received. To install and use SSL technology on your website, you need SSL certificates. An SSL certificate provider is a place where you can get an SSL digital certificate.

How Much Does It Cost An SSL Certificate?

Over time, technology keeps getting cheaper, and SSL certificates are no exception. They cost a lot less now than they did a few years ago. We offer Single Domain SSL Certificates and Extended Validation Certificates starting at $8 per year. As you can see, these SSL certificates are cheap.

The cost of a Wildcard SSL certificate starts at $45 per year, while the price of a multi-domain SSL certificate starts at $30 per year.

OV SSL certificates start at $57.13 per year, while EV SSL certificates start at $60 per year. You can be sure that these certificates are the best SSL certificates on the market. Now we have all the information we need to determine how much each certificate costs and why. 

SSL Certificate Cost Depending on the type of certificate

SSL certificates are put into six groups based on how many domains and subdomains they can protect and how they are validated. In a few minutes, how SSL certificates are grouped also affects how much they cost. 

Why do you need an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate ensures that the data a user sends to your web server is encrypted. That makes your website safer. That makes it critical for hackers to steal your information and makes visitors more likely to trust your brand.

Also, sites lacking SSL are labeled as “not secure” by browsers and search engines. That can hurt your website’s ranking and traffic, and if people think your site is unsafe, they may “bounce back” to the SERP.

Final Thoughts On SSL Certificate Price

So now you know how much an SSL certificate will cost and why. You can now easily choose the best option for your business based on your budget and needs. It is essential to install an SSL certificate and get your site to load over HTTPS. Get the chance and buy the proper certificate as soon as possible. You and your visitors will start to benefit right away from this choice.

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