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6 Top Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Facts


A Biden Student Loan Forgiveness is a shark. It has got millions of people across the country in its clutches. Every individual despises the pressure of student loans and wishes to escape them. Therefore, when President Biden started a program about forgiveness of the said loan, people were more than eager to join it. Biden’s government plans to forgive approximately $25 Billion of Biden Student Loans.

Millions of people across the country have even qualified for the forgiveness program. However, there is always a catch to these things. This forgiveness program also does not come without its drawbacks. Before a borrower jumps on the bandwagon of Student Loan Forgiveness, there are a few things that they need to know.

This Forgiveness is Through Targeted Initiatives

The first fact about this country-wide forgiveness program is that it comes through targeted initiatives. It means that they are providing targeted relief. The program does not involve the forgiveness of a ten-year-old student. Instead, their major focus is on the existing Biden’s student loan forgiveness initiatives, and programs.

Moreover, they are also focusing on easing and lifting the restrictions following the student loan. They are also concentrating on expanding access. Moreover, creating a smooth-running program that carefully analyzes the application and approval process is also a priority.

A couple of programs that they have focused on include fraud cases. It includes all the cases where the students were defrauded by their school. For this program, they have allocated almost $7.9 Billion.

This amount will be specifically for the students currently suffering from a high mountain of loans due to harm from their university. A couple of programs come under this umbrella.

  • They include the School Discharge program and Borrower’s Defense to Repayment. The first includes all those students where the school shut down and stopped the students from completing their degrees. The second program includes every scenario where the school misrepresented the loan program or made false promises to their students.
  • Moreover, another $7.3 Billion have been allocated to the Limited Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Waiver program. This includes every borrower who has spent their entire career life in public service jobs.
  • The last program is the Permanent Disability discharge. This includes all the handicapped and disabled students and this program has a budget of $8.5.

Some Borrowers are Getting Automatic Relief from the Loan 

To keep the entire process more smooth running, the administration of Biden is also working on automatic Loan Forgiveness. They recently approved $6 billion for the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment programs.

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It is eligible for the students of Corinthian Colleges. This school chain collapsed in 2015. Therefore, every student who graduated from it or had their degrees put to a halt does not even have to apply for forgiveness.

The relief is given to these students automatically. The data-sharing network between the Social Security Administration Department and the Education Department made the automatic relief possible.

However, automatic relief is not the same for other programs. For the students working in public service jobs, some have received automatic relief. However, others may need to apply for loan forgiveness.

Some Borrowers May Need to Take Other Steps to Earn the Forgiveness of Loan 

Another fact regarding this relief program is automatic relief. Some are receiving forgiveness from debt automatically. The Social Security Administration with the Education department is providing the automatic relief.

However, this queue is very thin. Many others have not received automatic relief. Hence, they need to apply for the program themselves. For the Limited PSLF Waiver, every borrower with FFEL program needs to combine their loans.

They need to do that through the Federal Direct Consolidation Program. Only then will their loans qualify.

Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness
6 Top Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Facts

The borrowers also need to submit an employment certificate that confirms their careers in public service. This confirmation needs to be done on the PSLF forms of the Department of Education.

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This forgiveness program comes with a deadline of 31st October 2022. The disabled students who have not received automatic relief need to apply for it too. They need to submit a certificate of their condition from a physician.

It should confirm their eligibility. Lastly, the borrowers that did not study from the Corinthian Colleges, yet they were defrauded too, can try for the Borrower Defense application

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness isn’t Taxable for the Time Being 

The fourth fact of the forgiveness program of Biden is that this program is not taxable. However, that is only the case for the time being. This entire loan forgiveness program was passed by Congress last year. The program of the American Rescue Plan Act states that loan forgiveness under any of the four major programs is not taxable.

Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness
6 Top Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Facts

Under normal circumstances, such relief of debt comes under taxable income. However, that is not the case with Biden’s loan forgiveness program. Here comes the catch, this is only valid till the end of 2025. This relief will lift by the end of 2025 unless Congress decides to extend it. They can also make it permanent, but that is not the case for now. Therefore, this relief is only temporary.

Is There May be More Forgiveness of the Loan in Future?

Even though the current Biden Student Loans program only has an approved budget of $25 Billion, some say that it is only the start. The administration of Biden has said that this amount present in the relief program is only the beginning.

As this relief program includes only a handful of sub-programs, it does not include the Income-Driven Repayment program. Every borrower that comes under this program needs to wait for their luck.

6 Top Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Facts
6 Top Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Facts

However, they may not have to wait for long, as the changes in the forgiveness plan may be made in the fall of this year. This will allow the forgiveness of billions of Biden Student Loans.

Moreover, the administration of Biden is also considering a wide-scale cancellation of Biden Student Loans. They are planning on enacting it. However, for confirmation of this decision, borrowers have to wait till August.

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The Words of a Borrower 

Monica Mitchell, 43 years old, says that she borrowed $80,000 of loan for her degrees. She started two degrees, both at Vatterott College. It is a for-profit school. Her first degree was in Computer Programming. Meanwhile, the second was the Cosmetology program in the same school.

Monica Mitchell - 6 Top Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness
6 Top Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Facts

However, both of her degrees remained incomplete. She is currently working in Human Resources. She wanted a fast-tracked career, being a mother of 2 kids. This is why she met with a recruiter who was from Vatterott. Her exact words were “I wanted something fast”.

She continued to say that “In my mind, Vatterott was going to give me an edge up”. Due to not being able to make enough, she has not made any payments on her Student Loan Forgiveness. As Vatterott collapsed years after her attendance.

Final Thoughts

If you are a victim of Student Loan Forgiveness, then you need to keep an eye out for these loan forgiveness programs. Although there are a couple of loops in the entire program, it is still a catch for many. Once you score eligibility, then the weight of debt will be lifted from your shoulders. So, give a thorough read to the article above. It will tell you about all the loops and benefits of this relief program.

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