4 creative and legal ways to scare a phone scammer
4 creative and legal ways to scare a phone scammer

Phone scammers are very popular, and getting rid of them might be a mission impossible if you don’t have some tricks up your sleeve. But if you want to scare a phone scammer, you need to apply some techniques; otherwise, they might disturb you for a long, long time.

In this article, we will show you how to scare scammers successfully and have peace of mind.

What is a phone scammer?

Before we show you what to say to a scammer to scare them, you need to know what a phone scammer is. There are many different types of phone scams, but they all share one thing: the intent to steal your money. Scammers will often pretend to be representatives from a government agency or a well-known company in order to get you to give out your personal information or money. They may also claim to have some kind of inside information about a product or service or say that you’ve won a prize in order to get you to buy something or make a donation.

Phone scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it can be difficult to spot a scam if you’re not familiar with the warning signs. If you receive a call from an anonymous source asking for personal information or money, be wary. Let’s see how to scare online scammer.

What to say to a scammer to scare them?

In this paragraph, we will see which are the best phrases to say to scare a scammer, or what to do if you want to avoid talking with them at all.

Pretend you have fallen into their trap

Once you realize you’re talking to a scammer, the best thing to do is go with the flow and pretend you’re falling for their trap. This will throw them off balance and give you an opportunity to collect information or scare them off entirely.

You can use this technique to get them to reveal personal information, like their name and address, or to scare them off by pretending to be a law enforcement officer. Remember, never give them any real information about yourself – just play along and have fun with it!

Start abusing them

When you receive a phone call from a scammer, it can be tempting to simply hang up. You can do some stuff to make the experience more enjoyable – and potentially even scare the scammer off.

One option is to start abusing them directly with a high-pitch voice. This will often surprise and confuse the scammer and may even cause them to hang up. If you keep up the charade long enough, you may be able to scare them off completely.
And it works like a therapy where you can steam off anything that you have collected for a long time.

Ghost them in the middle of the call

If you receive a phone call from a number you don’t recognize, be wary. It could be a ghost phone scammer attempting to scare you into giving them your personal information. These scammers will often pretend to be representatives from organizations like the IRS or police department.

They may claim that you owe money or are in trouble with the law. They may even threaten to arrest you if you don’t comply with their demands. Hang up immediately if you suspect you’re being scammed. Do not give them any personal information or money. But instead of hanging up straight away, you can keep them on the line for 5-10 minutes and then hang up instantly. Then, just block the number, and it’s done.
Ignore them

If you receive a phone call from a scammer, the best thing you can do is ignore them. Don’t give them any information about yourself and hang up the phone. If they call back, don’t answer. Scammers are often persistent, but if you ignore them, they will eventually give up.

If you’re worried about giving them your number, you can always block their number. This will stop them from being able to contact you again.


There are many ways to scare a phone scammer, but if you have the time, the best ones can let you have some fun stories to tell your friends!

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