5 Surprising Ways NFTs Can Also Be Used For Marketing

According to the BBC, Marketing is  The first tweet sent by Twitter the CEO Jack Dorsey was net worth $2.9 million (PS2.1 million) as an un-fungible token, Sounds surprising, right?

The digital world is full of excitement about NFTs. Collection and expensive virtual art, unique in-game items, and digital fundraisers are just a few examples of how NFTs are utilized for marketing.

What precisely is NFT?

This article will go throughout the basics of what NFTs are and how businesses are using NFTs to improve their strategies for marketing.

What are NFTs?

NFT, short for “non-fungible token,” is an enthralling topic in the world. To better  understand what exactly they are, we need to break down the definition:


It is a term that refers to anything that is swappable and does not affect the value of its own item. In this instance, the interchangeable items are exchanged for a similar item within a fungible definition.

Understanding this will clarify the significance of the term “non-fungible” – the goods can’t be exchanged as the value they bring isn’t the equivalent. For example, you can’t exchange one American Football Card with another since they both have their own unique worth.


Similar to Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies” and cannot be substituted with Vincent vanGogh’s “Sunflowers.” They both are unique paintings of an art that can’t take their respective places.

Therefore, NFTs are not fungible digital assets that can’t be exchanged but can be bought and sold out.


In its most literal sense, it’s a symbol of some kind, an emblem, or a symbol of something. In the context of NFTs, the token is “ownership” of peculiar NFT objects. You can tokenize a variety of NFTs at once. However, one NFT has only one owner.

Also, tokens work as virtual currency, as with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other digital currencies. The word “token” is also a kind of virtual currency.


Additionally, these tokens are also included in NFTs. They are secured from theft by using the Ethereum blockchain to safeguard the ownership records of an NFT. Combining the words non-fungible token, NFT means an un-exchangeable and unique object that is secured from theft by the Ethereum blockchain. NFTs are not fungible and cannot be copied. NFT is not able to be duplicated & is owned by only one person at any given time.

5 Unexpected Ways that NFTs can be Utilized for Marketing

We’ll now explore NFTs and the five amazing ways to use them for marketing your business brand.


Modern-day games are among the top areas for advertising NFTs because games such as Fortnight include detailed graphics as well as outfits or skins for their avatars. Additionally, since games such as Fortnight allow the purchase of cryptocurrency for these items or other merchandise, players are more likely to purchase NFTs. Therefore, you can sell your NFT inside the game or even develop an NFT-based model for business to increase it to the next level!

NFTs are now commonplace, and the gaming industry is in a prime position to make use of these digital assets to cash in on the excitement.

In reality, it was stated that gaming company Mythical Games acquired $75 million to develop an application that relies on NFTs as avatars that would enable users to trade or sell their NFT characters through the platform.

Gaming and NFTs have a lot in common. Gaming companies are using NFTs to promote their games and products and grow and build a loyal customer base.

Sell Tickets

In the last few times, there’s seen a dramatic change in the way individuals “pay” for goods. Don’t forget the attractive unique content that the NFT will show. It makes it among the top digital products to entice your audience’s attention. For example, designing an NFT to promote a musical or sporting event and have enthusiastic fans waiting for tickets is also possible.

Sell Tickets

As an example, Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, believes that NFTs offer huge opportunities and is keen to get in on the game:

“We’re trying to find the best alternative to convert the tickets we sell into NFTs. We’d like to come up with ways that our customers, our followers purchase tickets and sell tickets, but also continue to earn royalty income from tickets .”

Fashion Industry

For instance, digital platforms such as Fabricant Studio, for instance. In addition, Fabricant Studio can allow you to create your own NFT-based clothing. Users can purchase their avatars digitally within the virtual world. Big fashion brands are also participating in some NFT actions. For example, Gucci joined forces with the Christie’s auction houses to launch an NFT that auctioned for $25,000.

Fashion Industry

The metaverse and NFTs allow fashion designers and fashion brands to design and market digital clothing to millions and possibly billions of individuals. They would like their avatars on the internet in the most current fashions.

Product Pre-Orders

Every business & entrepreneur wants to increase the number of pre-orders for their merchandise. This is not just beneficial for cash flow. Still, it’s an excellent method to determine the public’s enthusiasm. What did he offer? For his most recent publication, Twelve and a Half, for every twelve books you bought, over the specified time, you will receive one of Gary’s most sought-after NFTs.

Product Pre-Orders

This method was so successful that the anticipation of his book led to the date of release for the book to be move back two weeks. In the course of the day, Gary was able to sell one million copies making use of NFTs. It has a record for pre-ordering the biggest book over a period of 24 hours.

Support a Good Cause

It is no longer enough for the company to market top quality products at competitive costs. However, if they want to be able to win the customers’ hearts. They have to support noble causes and contribute to their communities. In reality, the survey found that 84 percent of millennials prefer brands with strong ethics and are transparent.

support a-good-Cause
Support a Good Cause

Kinetic sand worked together with Dan Lam, an artist Dan Lam. They create and sell NFTs to raise funds to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. It allows them to expand their creative and arts experiences programs.


NFT refers to an un-fungible token, an item that is virtual. It is a digital asset and use for purchasing and selling purposes. NFTs have only one owner as well as the Ethereum blockchain protects copyright rights.

NFTs offer companies the opportunity to advertise their company or new products and engage new customers.

NFT refers to an un-fungible token

The industries that are using NFTs in their marketing strategies are fashion, gaming and publishing, to mention just a few. One thing that is for certain is that NFTs are getting a lot of attention and interest. And certain businesses are beginning to see the advantages of incorporating NFTs into their marketing plans.


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