Tips for Building a Thriving Team

Within any business, building a thriving team is fundamental for the growth and development of the company. While you may have hired a group of talented individuals that have their own skills and strengths, meeting the same goal is about bringing employees together to share a vision to achieve success.

What’s more, building a strong team fosters a sense of trust, belonging, and confidence within your employees as they strive towards reaching the end goal.
Whether you own a company or have been assigned as a team leader within your workplace, here are the key steps to building a successful team.

Establish clear goals from the very beginning

For a team to achieve success, each member needs to have a shared purpose and mission. Be clear in your expectations from the get-go, so your team has a defined target to hit.

What do you want to accomplish? What is each employee’s responsibility within the team? How will you deal with failures? By setting out these guidelines, you will iron out confusion and ensure that there is obvious transparency in aspects of the project.

Encourage free-flowing communication

An important part of leading a team is to have open lines of communication between all employees so that you can iron out issues as soon as they arise. Additionally, it is also beneficial in the sense that team members can share ideas directly with you.

One of the best ways to promote regular communication is through providing individual feedback, both in team meetings and privately. When employees are aware of where they are succeeding and aspects that need improvement, you’ll notice greater productivity from your team in the long run.

Hire a collaborative office space

Coworking offices are ideal for teams that collaborate on an occasional basis and for companies that don’t have a permanent office space. If most of your team works on a remote basis, booking a flexible office in a central location gives your team a chance to get together to work on certain projects as and when required. Face-to-face communication is also substantially beneficial in teamwork scenarios in comparison to virtual communication.

Additionally, your team will have the chance to meet professionals from other companies and industries in a shared office environment. During conversations, they may pick up advice and strategies that could be introduced to your business.

Celebrate successes and acknowledge failures

Quite simply, never overlook your team’s successes. When each of your employees has worked hard to accomplish a certain goal, they will wish to be recognized. Failure to do so may prevent your employees from putting in the same effort next time around. This could be as simple as a ‘thank you’ within a team meeting or offering each of your team a cash bonus.

Additionally, acknowledge any failures as a team rather than pinning the blame on a certain individual. Work on solutions collaboratively, and in turn, this should enable your team members to be able to better tackle any challenges that arise in the future.

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