Mary Ryan Ravenel
Mary Ryan Ravenel Net Worth – Bio, Husband & Other Facts

Mary Ryan Ravenel is a famous ex-wife. She used to be married to Thomas Ravenel, an American politician and reality TV star. Even though her marriage ended 25 years ago, she comes to mind whenever her well-known ex-husband is brought up.

Mary is a very private person, so it’s hard to find out much about her life and work. Even though her marriage to Ravenel put her in the spotlight, she did her best to avoid it. Since they got divorced, it’s been hard to keep up with Mary.

Mary Ryan Ravenel More Facts

Full NameMary Ryan Ravenel
Place of birthUnited States of America
Ex-HusbandThomas Ravenel

Who is Mary Ravenel Ryan?

Mary Ryan Ravenel is in the news because she used to be married to Thomas Ravenel. There are no records of her birth date, her early life, or her family history. Even though this is true, her ex-husband is a well-known American politician and entertainer who is 60 years old.

Thomas went to Charleston’s The Citadel and Columbia’s University of South Carolina. He got his first and second degrees in Business Administration and Finance Real Estate from these schools.

Do You Know About the Marriage Duration of Mary Ryyan?

Thomas Ravenel is known to have only legally married one woman, Mary Ryan Ravenel. The couple got married in 1995, but they broke up after 13 months because they couldn’t get along. In 1998, three years after they got married, they officially split up.

Thomas Ravenel started dating other women after he and his wife got a divorce in 1998. Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, with whom he had three children, is one of them. Thomas was also once engaged to Heather Mascoe, a registered nurse and the mother of his son, Jonathan Jackson Ravene. He came into the world on June 29, 2020.

Who is Thomas Ravenel?

Thomas Ravenel is a reality TV star and an American politician. He is also a member of the Jackson family. He was born into a powerful political family and has had a successful career as a politician. He is the son of the former South Carolina representative Arthur Ravenel Jr.

Thomas Ravenel

He was a part of the Bravo reality TV show Southern Charm for all five of its seasons. He has been the state treasurer for the past six months. In 2014, he ran as an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate in South Carolina. He also ran as a Republican for the U.S. Senate in the primary election of 2004. He had been a part of Charleston’s French Huguenot Church.

Ravenel is best known for the TV show Southern Charm, which is part of his entertainment career (2020). He’s also been on the TV show Watch What Happens Life (2012-2017).

Thomos has also made a lot of money from the commercial real estate company he owns, Ravenel Development Corporation. Besides, Liver King has a mansion in Austin, Texas, that is 8,300 square feet and 5 expensive cars, so it is very likely that he is worth $100 million. He says that he raises his own animals and cattle on more than 500 acres of land.

More Aspects to Know about Mary Ryan Ravenel

1. Mary Ryan Never Had any Child for Thomas Ravenel

Mary Ryan Ravenel and Thomas Ravenel did not have any children together. Several reports say that she was once a stepmother to Ravenel’s three kids, Jonathan Jackson Ravenel, St. Julien Rembert Rembert Ravenel, and Kensington Calhoun Ravenel.

But she was never their stepmother because Thomas had them with Kathryn Calhoun Dennis and Heather Mascoe. He didn’t date these women until after he was no longer married to Mary.

2. What Kind of Work does Mary Ryan Ravenel do?

If people knew what Mary Ryan Ravenel did for a living, it would have been easy to find out a lot about her life. There are no hints about what she is doing right now, which is a shame.

3. Marry Ryan’s Ex-Husband Was Previously Convicted of Drug Charges 

In June 2007, Thomas was charged with selling cocaine on behalf of the government. The charges against him say that he bought about 500 grams of cocaine in Charleston, South Carolina, through a middleman. That happened in 2005.

On Friday, March 4, 2008, after his crime was proven, he was sentenced to 10 months in federal prison for selling cocaine.

4. Has Marry Ravenel, Former Husband, been involved in Several Sex Scandals?

After meeting Debbie Holloway in 2015, Thomas Ravenel was accused of sexually assaulting her in 2018. After a lot of back-and-forth in court, he paid her $200 to settle the case. In the same way, he was accused of sexually assaulting Dawn Ledwell, who used to be his nanny.

In June 2018, Ledwell filed a police report against Thomas, saying that he grabbed her arm while trying to kiss her in his house. Later, Ravenel pleaded guilty to third-degree assault and battery. He was given a $500 fine and didn’t have to go to jail. He also agreed to give $80,000 to a charity for people who have been sexually assaulted in Ledwell’s name.

Because of this scandal, Mary Ryan Ravenel’s ex-husband has kicked off the cast of Southern Charm. Since then, he hasn’t been in any movies or TV shows.

How much Money does Marry Ravenel has?

As was already said, Mary became famous when she got married to Thomas. All the things people know about her center on him. Because it’s hard to tell what she does for a living, nobody knows how much money she has.

But Mary’s ex-husband has made a lot of money through his work in politics and show business. Sources say that he is worth at least $6 million right now. People say that he got $25,000 for each episode of Southern Charm.

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