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Brian Johnson, popular as the name of “The Liver King”, is an entrepreneur, a social media influencer, and the founder of several companies, including Ancestral Supplements and Heart & Soil.

He is known for promoting his “ancestral diet and lifestyle.” He eats up to a pound of raw liver every day, and he tells his fans to do the same.

The Liver King Facts

Name Brian Johnson
Nickname The Liver King
Profession Entrepreneur
Age 45 Years Old
Height 5 Feet 7 Inches
Weight 180 Pounds
Nationality United States
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Favorite Food Raw Liver
Net Worth $100 Million Dollars
Salary $10 Million Dollars

Who is Liver King?

Brian Johnson is one of the fitness industry’s most successful business owners. He has started many online businesses, such as Ancestral Supplements, Heart & Soil, and The Fittest.

Liver King

Liver King is the CEO of four companies that all sell and market protein powders and supplements that claim to help you get as jacked as him. But they all offer pretty much the same thing. Liver King ties the sale of these items to his promotion of an “Ancestral Lifestyle” He calls his sons “Savage Liver Boys,” and he calls his wife “Liver Queen.”

The Brian Johnson was recently caught lying about using steroids, and many people thought that would be the end of his career as a fitness influencer. The self-proclaimed Liver King created the Ancestral Lifestyle program, which is based on nine ancestral beliefs. He claims, “the human body was perfectly adapted for an environment that no longer exists”.

How was Liver’s Early Life?

Brian Johnson was born in San Antonio, Texas, on April 7, 1977. Of course, he was just Brian Johnson back then. Brian Johnson King says that his childhood was very sad. Despite his high level of self-confidence, he was generally unhappy and depressed.

When Brian’s sons were young, their parents needed a lot of help because they were in and out of the hospital all the time because of different illnesses and allergies.

Do You Know About the Educational Life of Brian Johnson?

Brian Johnson’s (King) father died when he was very young, so he had to move to San Antonio to live with his mother. During school hours, he was often hit and picked on. When Brian was in the sixth grade, one of his classmates caught a loogie in his hand and hit him in the face with it.

On another day, a fresh pair of sneakers that were taken from Brian’s locker during class made him feel better about himself than he thought he would. The Liver King started working out, and soon he was so ripped that his classmates said he looked like Mark Wahlberg.

Do You Know About the Brian Johnson’s Wife?

Brian Johnson's Wife

In 2004, Brian and Barbara met while snowboarding. Brian and Barbara started a successful dental practice, but they later added selling nutritional supplements to their list of services. Brian Johnson married Barbara Johnson, and they had two sons. The supplements helped Liver King live the way his ancestors did.


The two boys that Brian and Barbra have are often called the “Savage Liver Boys.” They have shown up on their dad’s social media accounts. The way their father lived changed because of how they grew up.

How Did Liver King Start his Fitness Career?

At first, the Brian Johnson went to medical school to learn how to be a doctor. But in the end, he gave up on medical school and went to work as a pharmacist.

In 2004, he met Barbara Johnson, who would become his wife. This changed the whole course of his life. Barbara was a dentist by trade, and after they started dating, they opened their own private dental practice together.

The dental clinic was a huge success, but they eventually closed it so they could focus more on Brian Johnson’s fitness businesses, like Ancestral Supplements.

Liver King  | “Ancestral Lifestyle”

Brian Johnson says that selling these things is related to his support of an “Ancestral Lifestyle.”

The human body was made to work best in an environment that no longer exists. He says, “By living as our ancestors did, we get rid of the things that keep us from being truly healthy and happy.

On his website, he gives more information. Even though many of his lessons are not necessarily new ideas, taking them all together may help you live a better life. Brian Johnson says that these supplements are for “anyone seeking basic and targeted support (Liver, Bone Marrow, Organs) in harmony with nature, the traditional method, as our earliest ancestors did”.

Why did Brian Johnson Start Putting Together Fitness Business?

Unfortunately, Liver King kids were always sick, with allergies and other things. Brian Johnson was determined to find a cure for his children’s illnesses so that they could live happy, healthy lives.

Brian eventually found out that his boys were not getting enough nutrients, and he fed them grass-fed organ meat and other natural foods to fix the problem.

Brian Johnson started his fitness companies with the idea that people should eat organ meat from grass-fed animals, spend time outside, and exercise.

His businesses grew, and in 2021, he started the “Liver King” brand to promote his businesses on social media sites like TikTok and YouTube.

Brian Johnson | Sites for Social Media

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok


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Brian Johnson only started using social media in August of last year, but he already has more than a million Instagram followers and more than two million TikTok followers. He has a lot of followers, who he calls “primal,” and a lot of famous and fit people are interested in him. In April, he was a guest on Logan Paul’s podcast. Nicholas Braun of Succession recently asked for help on how to buy blood in an Instagram comment.

Brian Johnson’s main goal right now is to keep promoting his businesses, such as Ancestral Supplements and Heart & Soil.

Liver King | Properties

  • 8,300 square foot mansion
  • 500 hectares (ha) land
  • Cows and other animals that eat grass
  • The place is in Austin, Texas.

Brian Johnson says he has 8 businesses, many of which are not open to the public. He also has a mansion in Austin, Texas, that is 8,300 square feet and 5 expensive cars, so it is very likely that he is worth $100 million. He says that he raises his own animals and cattle on more than 500 acres of land. Zillow says that The Liver King’s house, which is in the Spanish style, is worth about $7 million.

Brian Johnson | Car Collection

  • M35 Series 2.5 Ton 6×6 Cargo Truck
  • M1 Hummer
  • Utility Tractor Kubota M4
  • Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer
  • Ford F-450

The Brian Johnson also has an American “Tank M4 Sherman” from the Second World War that he likes to drive around his 500-acre property.

Net Worth

Earnings per month $1,000,000
Earnings per Year $12 million
Net Worth $100 million

The Liver King is a very successful businessman who, as of December 2022, had a net worth of about $100 million. On the other hand, Online resources say that Megan Fox, the mother of a young celebrity child, Bodhi Ransom Green, has an estimated net worth of 8 million US dollars and that his father also makes a lot of money. He also has some very expensive things, as you might expect. He makes about $1 million a month from his fitness companies, such as Ancestral Supplements and Heart & Soil, which sell things like “grass-fed beef liver” and natural protein supplements.

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