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Top Digital Product you Launch Your 6-Week Checklist

A high-quality digital products is more valuable than the price of gold. Though the majority of content is reused (and even recycled content could be a part of your next digital product), It is still important to have something permanent to provide your readers, whether it’s an ebook or a webinar, video series or any other is great for establishing brand loyalty, increasing exposure and generating sales which your blog cannot offer.

These points are based on the assumption that you’ve got a clear picture of what your digital product will be and that you’re close to creating it. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a burden to include activities like brainstorming the idea and studying the market demand the market. All of this should be completed during the design phase.

Six Weeks Still Launch

After six weeks, I’m assuming that you’ve almost finished building and are now revising the digital product you have created. This is an extremely crucial time because it is the point where all the planning for the product occurs. So the first thing you must conduct is to research your key words.

You’ve probably already performed the necessary research about your keywords when you were brainstorming your product (if not, then begin today!). However, it’s not about deciding on the primary keywords that you’ll improve your product’s performance. Instead, it’s about discovering all those additional (probably longer-tail) search terms that can assist you in developing your marketing plan.

Look for keywords:

  • Optimizing your digital products (promo video, infographic, etc.)
  • Ideas for guest posts you can make use of to get the word out.
  • optimizing your social media platforms which you’ll be using to aid the promotion (like an individual Facebook and Twitter business page, Facebook or Instagram business page, etc.)
  • Making additional landing pages that can create your funnel for conversion

A properly-organized list of keywords can assist you in developing the strategy for your business and help you come up with additional marketing concepts. I would suggest trying Reranking the chance to test out keywords. Reranking is a reputable platform with a keyword research tool that will aid you in organizing your keywords correctly to keep your strategy in order. I would suggest against making a comprehensive editorial calendar right now since it may be to manage at six weeks. It’s just a matter of having something that gives you an overview of the next promotional effort. A marketing plan helps you see the big picture and connects the various pieces.

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Here are Suggestions that You can Apply to Create your Marketing Strategy:

  • Visual marketing tools including explainer videos, instruct graphics etc.
  • Newsletters are sent out one week prior to launch as well on the date of the launch.
  • Twitter celebration to celebrate your launch. Many of your fans are more than excited to spend an hour or so and talk on Twitter celebrating your launch, which is an excellent opportunity to promote digital products that you are sure will profit from
  • Email to influential people on the day of the launch
  • The promotion of an announcement piece or video, press release or infographic via the Viral Content Bee on the day of the launch
  • Marketing for freebies one week before the launch. Think about what you can offer free of charge to get some initial excitement. For instance, if it’s adigital product book, you could offer chapters or convert the book into a mobile-friendly flipbook with a program such as Flipsnack and then utilize its lead-form integration feature to gather more sign-ups.

5 Weeks Until the Launch

This part is all about making sure that your website about digital product is up and running. It is likely that you will generate a lot of visitors and converts to your site through the launch of your product. Make sure you are taking care of the essentials:

  • Be sure that your site of digital product is responsive and mobile-friendly. This is the most crucial aspect! Do not lose conversions due to an inefficient loading time! The spike in traffic can cause delays that result in reduced leads and less revenue. Utilize Google’s tools to ensure your sites are loading quickly and tools such as Pingdom to check your website’s performance.
  • Switch to an encrypted connection and verify whether everything is working well. You’re planning to create email sign-up forms as well as “buy” buttons, right? If you don’t need Google Chrome to warn your users that your forms aren’t secure and frighten away your customers, you have to change to https:Now. This guide is comprehensive about how to use SSL, what SSL means, how the SSL/TLS handshake works, and how you can create this setup.
  • Make sure your website of digital product is free of error pages about digital product, outdated content and form fields that are not functional. You might want to check that your primary SEO is set up correctly also: check for duplicated or missing titles or search snippets that look ugly and images that are broken. Top visor will help you identify many of the issues mentioned above by analyzing each page of ypur website about digital product.

Releasing the Details

It is time to start releasing some of the details of digital product about your forthcoming product after you have it on the horizon. This could include making available bits and pieces of information to your customers for them to get an opportunity to see. For example, if you’ve got an online product that’s an application or software application, you might consider having a release prototype.

Many companies that create digital product platforms and applications are opting for this method by offering a sample view without the complete set of features just to demonstrate what they’re all about. It’s also the perfect time to create your project’s mini-site or landing page so that you can ensure that you are aware of where to send your early adopters. You’ll need to begin creating your pre-launch email list in the early hours!

 4 Weeks Until the Launch

This is the time to determine the influencers who will be supportive of your launch should you not have previously. You should begin searching for venues to advertise your product in the coming week. For instance, if you know someone who runs good blogs, ask them if you could write an article as a guest blogger to promote it. Give anyone who would like to write a review on their website, YouTube channel, or podcast an opportunity to do so prior to the launch. Provide opportunities for interviews or even request interviews to be published on your own blogs which relate to the subject that your item is about.

Send emails to your contacts, and then start building new ones. Create compelling incentives that can entice influential people to assist you. For example, create a spreadsheet or a separate email list with those prominent names in the field who have agreed to contact them more easily at the time of launch. The fact that you have everything done now means that you don’t need to rush when it’s time to launch your digital product.

3 Weeks Until Launch

After you’ve got all your ducks in order, It’s time to create an extremely detailed editorial calendar. Make sure you are as precise as you can to be sure that you don’t miss any crucial pieces of information once you go live. Set specific dates and times for everything you do: the date and where you’ll be mailing out newsletters, the date and where you’ll announce your Twitter event, who you’ll tag on social media announcements, etc.

Review your marketing plan frequently to ensure that you’re able to be able to see the big picture after you’ve started working on the particulars. It is also the time to begin creating the promotional materials and posts. It is also a good time to begin planning the strategy for your social media and look at the possibilities of a creative approach that works for you.

Now you have a clear idea of what your target audience wants and wants, so you can use this information to develop tags, brainstorm ideas for ways to promote your brand and create captivating content. In addition, you should plan to spend the bulk of the three-week period working on the wrinkles in scheduling blog posts and social posts, creating promo images and planning for direct social interaction.

2 Weeks before the Launch

It is now time to start building excitement. A lot of people prefer to start this process early, however, which I can appreciate for some items or products. But my personal digital  product offerings tend to be media-based, and I have found that two weeks is the perfect time to get information out there and keep fires burning until the day of launch. If you launch earlier, the excitement could be sucked out before the product is made available for sale.

I typically post a blog article that explains the upcoming events and when. I make some social media posts and address any concerns. One of these platforms is Quora, which is a platform for asking questions. If someone asks questions that my product could assist with, I will give them the answer by asking them to sign up to receive updates regarding the impending launch of the digital  product. Also, create some paid ads to increase email sign-ups. I like Facebook. However, other platforms such as Instagram can be useful too. You can create your own budget and not worry about it being too expensive.

A Week Launch

All of the pieces should be ordered at the moment and ready to go. It is recommended to take a couple of days to review every aspect to ensure that everything is perfect and there aren’t any outstanding issues. Also, make sure you have a plan for the post-launch because you’ll need to keep igniting the flames and push your product to a broader and more diverse audience.

However, this week is also thrilling as the moment has come to create your digital product. So ensure you are taking care of yourself, take a good night’s sleep and be confident to be a good partner in the process.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, your latest or first digital product launch goes effortlessly and be extremely successful with these suggestions. It’s easy to see the importance of having a plan. There are lots you need to consider! However, proper planning will help you can achieve the results you set out to obtain when you created the plan.



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