In addition to painting, coloring is also a fun activity for children of all ages. There are many different coloring themes that your baby can explore and experience. Color and creativity are unlimited. These are essential elements for the development of a child’s brain.

We present Deadpool and Venom coloring pages for parents and children, which are coloring pages of famous fictional characters. Do you want to step into this magical universe?

Deadpool coloring pages:

We will be surprised by some interesting Deadpool facts

Printable Deadpool coloring sheets
Printable Deadpool coloring sheets


Is Deadpool a Marvel character?

Deadpool has long been one of Marvel’s most beloved characters, and there have been two quite successful movies about this character, but in reality, this character is still quite a mystery that not everyone knows.

Deadpool has always been one of the Marvel Comics’ most beloved characters. The average audience has met Deadpool in Fox movies, but for those who only know this character through the big screen, perhaps Deadpool will be a character that makes them curious.

Even Deadpool doesn’t know everything about himself, but there are plenty of great moments in his past that makes him a most beloved character for comic book fans. And here are the strange secrets about this character that not everyone knows.

Deadpool can’t remember what his childhood was like?

Like the Joker, Deadpool’s real past is a jumble of stories, told mainly by himself. Most of the stories are bogus, and there’s a good reason: Deadpool has no memory of his childhood or past.

Deadpool has told everyone that his father left his mother, he was abused, and more, but none of that was true.

Deadpool gets healing thanks to Wolverine

In the beginning, Deadpool was just an assassin. However, he had to undergo trials when he joined Department X. This was the government-funded branch of Alpha Flight and had Wolverine as an agent before he joined the X-Men.

But when Wade Wilson discovered he had cancer, the organization used its scientific research team to implant the self-healing factor. Super recovery they got from Wolverine into Deadpool. And this is also how he has the same healing factor and resilience as Wolverine, and it is Deadpool’s only superpower.

Deadpool coloring pages are children’s favorites

We always hope children will love the Deadpool coloring page because they include many diverse, funny, and lovely pictures of characters. These pictures will inspire children to love coloring activities even more.

Deadpool coloring pages are suitable for children of all ages, especially boys. Children will want to experience the fictional world with famous characters. Children also wish to possess powers and experience exciting things that happen to the characters.

Deadpool color pages help children have fun while learning. Children will know new characters, stories, and why Deadpool is so famous.

After stressful school hours, kids can also use coloring pages of Deadpool to create and have fun. Children can color and create together because there are many exciting coloring pictures for children to explore.

Venom coloring pages:

Are the coloring pages as scary as we see them on TV?

Printable Venom coloring sheets
Printable Venom coloring sheets

Venom is Spider-Man’s enemy

Venom is not only a formidable enemy of Spider-Man but also a powerful ally. This character was originally a villain but became a hero and possessed extraordinary powers over time.

Venom is officially become a successful franchise with two films of the same name. This character is not a typical comic book villain. Instead of being born from different radioactive chemicals or affected by an abusive childhood, Venom is a symbiotic creature from the planet known as Klyntar. Venom is not always the bad guy, and its behavior is often influenced by the host they associate with.

Venom is not a warrior representing justice. Inside him, there is always an uncompromising struggle between good and evil, salvation and destruction.

Throughout the history of comic books, the character Venom has always been the eternal enemy of the superhero Spider-Man (Spider-Man). And also, thanks to its unique shape, exciting personality, and brutal attack, Venom has a fan base that is not inferior to our Spider-Man.

Over the years, Venom gradually became one of the typical fictional characters of American entertainment culture. Despite the appearance of more monstrous symbionts later, Venom is still the super villain who has captured the hearts of many generations of fans.

Venom coloring pages will bring engaging coloring experiences for boys

Indeed when first seeing the actual image of Venom, children will not love them, but on the contrary, children will find it scary and hate this character. Although Venom is a fictional character, it is always built with a realistic and vivid image. That is the reason that many people hate to love this character.

Through the Venom coloring page, children will feel curious about this character rather than terrified of them. When Venom is redrawn in the picture, this character is still clearly depicted and engraved, full of details and characteristics. But they will look less ugly and scary. Kids can use Venom color pages to create and color those unique pictures.

Despite being a villain, Venom is built very elaborately and complicatedly. It is also loved and makes the audience as curious as the main character. That’s why we developed Venom coloring pages to serve the needs and satisfy the curiosity of children.

Venom coloring pages are diverse, somewhat complex, and detailed pictures. Children just learning to paint should not choose this topic; on the contrary, those who already know Venom or are proficient in coloring can choose Venom as an entertainment tool. Coloring pages of Venom will bring children many exciting experiences.

Printable Venom coloring sheets help children entertain, create and learn more knowledge. Children will be stimulated and promote their imagination as well as learning thinking. Parents should let children color as much as possible to help them understand more about the colors and layout of the pictures.

When children are proficient in coloring with Venom coloring pages, parents can let children participate in painting with Venom’s images. We hope children will fully develop physically and mentally through interesting coloring topics.


Deadpool and Venom coloring pages will be an exciting and valuable gift for children. Parents should let children participate actively in coloring to be more active and confident in school and social activities.

Coloring is also a healthy activity recommended for children of all ages. Exciting coloring pages are waiting for children to discover on our website.


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