Often, close family can become separated by distance due to a variety of reasons. Whether it’s due to the military, education, work, a breakup, or something else, sometimes family members are spread all over the country or world. Sometimes grandparents are away from their grandchildren, or aunts and uncles are away from their nieces and nephews.

Whatever the situation, distance can make it difficult, and it is all too easy to lose touch. Keeping close to one another can be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. Today technology allows us to stay in touch like never before.

Keeping in touch with loved ones through video calls is a great way to make lasting memories, and today there are many Fun things you can do over FaceTime.

Staying in touch with family is crucial to children, especially as they grow up. Family bonding time will not only strengthen the relationships with children but also help them feel a sense of belonging and build higher self-esteem in the long run.

A child who grows up in a family with a strong bond will be happier, perform better in school, and communicate better with their parents, friends, and peers. Whether near or far, here are several reasons why staying in touch with family is so important. 

Benefits of Staying in Touch With Family 

1. It Strengthens Family Relationships.

Each member of your family has a unique relationship with one another. By doing activities together, even over FaceTime, you’ll give everyone the opportunity to spend time together and work on individual relationships. This can strengthen a family unit overall.

2. It Can Boost Mental Health and Help to Reduce Stress

Taking time out of your day to help children bond with other family members can help relieve stress and improve the mental health of everyone involved. Fun things to do over Facetime can include playing games together. This will allow family members to have fun, laugh, and make positive memories together. 

3. It Boosts Academic Performance

The more time children interact with adults, the better their mental development will be. While kids get a lot of interaction at school, it can’t be the only time they are engaged. Staying in touch with family allows time for conversations with children where children and other family members can learn more about each other and grow together. Studies show that children who are more connected with their parents and other relatives do better at school in general than children who spend less time with their family.

4. It Adds Fun to Your Routine

Our calendars are filled with meetings, appointments, and deadlines. Those are all important, but having fun is equally important. By staying in touch and prioritizing family bonding time, you’ll be fitting in more opportunities for your kids to have fun with you and other family members. Come up with some fun things to do over FaceTime so your children have a chance to have a laugh with other relatives that may live far away.

5. It Can Reduce Behavioral Issues

When young children spend more time with family and keep close relationships with them, there will be fewer behavioral issues. One of the major reasons for this is increased communication and support from parents and other members of the family.

Children will be able to work through their problems using the interpersonal skills learned by interacting with their families. If possible, encourage your child to talk about their day with grandma or grandpa. Having grandparents ask children about their favorite part of their day is one of the many fun things you can do over FaceTime. 

6. It Boosts Self-Confidence

When the family has multiple opportunities to display self-confidence and a positive self-image, kids will see that and learn to value themselves. Whenever possible, you should be a good example for your children, as they watch and learn in a variety of situations. Everyone can benefit from staying in touch with family by helping foster healthy self-esteem and positive behavior.

7. Reaffirms Love and Creates a Sense of Belonging

There is no doubt that families are one of the easiest places to find love and belonging, but it is not automatic. Families can provide love and support to their children through a variety of interactions.

Children feel the love shown to them through routines such as bedtime hugs and storytimes to meals prepared for them each day. Family bonds lead to a sense of belonging and pride because the stronger the bond between them and their family members, the more support they will receive.

8. It Builds Skills For the Future

Where do you think children gain an understanding of relationships and family dynamics? It all happens at home. Kids watch their parents and other family members and learn from them. There are many ways distant family members can have a positive influence on a child.

There are many fun things you can do on FaceTime that can help a child learn and observe constructive behaviors. Often, children grow up with similar principles and ideals to what they were exposed to as children. By observing how their family members interact, they will learn about life and relationships. 

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