Ray Liotta Net Worth
Ray Liotta Net Worth

Ray Liotta Net Worth is approximately $14 million. The American actor is known for his roles in popular movies such as Goodfellas and Field of Dreams.

Ray Liotta is the most famous American actor who has been working in the entertainment business for more than 30 years. Since the 1980s, when his career began, he has been in a number of hit movies, TV shows, and even video games.

In this article, we’re going to look more closely at how much money Raymond Allen Liotta has and how he’s made it over the years.


Real NameRaymond Allen Liotta
Nick NameRay
Date of Birth18 December 1954
CountryNew Jersey – USA
Age68 years (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
FatherAlfred Liotta (Adoptive)
MotherMary Liotta (Death: 1990)
WifeMichelle Grace
DaughterKarsen Liotta (American actress)
Net Worth$14 Million
DeathMay 26, 2022

Early life

On December 18, 1954, Ray Liotta was born in Newark, New Jersey. Mary, who worked as a township clerk, and Alfred, who owned an auto parts store, were his parents. Liotta and his sister were raised by American Italians as children. Ray’s real name is Raymond Allen Liotta.

He later found his real mother and learned that most of his family was from Scotland. Liotta and his sister grew up in a Catholic family, but they didn’t go to church that often.


Liotta went to the University of Miami after he graduated from high school. There, he got a degree in Fine Arts. Later, he moved to New York City to try to become an actor. There, he got his first TV role in the soap opera “Another World.”

Ray Liotta Net Worth

Ray Liotta’s net worth is thought to be around $14 million. He has a lot of money because of how well he has done as an actor, and his net worth is likely to go up as he keeps getting new roles. Liotta has made money in other ways besides acting, such as through endorsements and sponsorships.


After college, Ray Liotta moved to New York City to try to make a living as an actor. He landed an agent through connections he made while tending a bar at a New York City theater. From 1978 to 1981, Liotta starred as Joey Perrini on the soap opera Another World, which helped him break into the industry.

Important steps were taken by Raymond Allen Liotta when he relocated to Los Angeles to concentrate on his acting career. Movies like The Lonely Lady & Something Wild were some of his first roles. For the second part, he was nominated for a Golden Globe. In Field of Dreams, which came out in 1989, Liotta played the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson.

“Goodfellas” was his Big Break

In the Martin Scorsese movie “Goodfellas,” which came out in 1990, Liotta’s big break came when he played the main character, Henry Hill. The movie did well with critics and audiences, and it was nominated for several Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

Liotta’s performance in the movie got him a lot of praise and helped him establish himself in Hollywood. “Field of Dreams,” “Cop Land,” “Narc,” “Blow,” and “Hannibal” are some of his other well-known movies.

A career in Film Industry

Raymond Allen Liotta has been in a lot of movies, but he has also been on TV many times during his career. He has been a guest star on shows like “ER,” “Smith,” “Hannibal,” and “Shades of Blue.” Liotta has also done voice work for TV shows and animated movies, such as “The Simpsons,” “Bee Movie,” and “American Dad”.

Raymond Allen Liotta Movies List

He was in a number of movies, like:

  • The Lonely Lady (1983)
  • Something Wild came out in 1986. (short film-1987)
  • Dominick and Eugene (1988)
  • Heartbreakers (2001) (2001)
  • The Final Blow (2003)
  • Revolver (2005) (2005)
  • Pawn (2013) (2013)
  • The Green Dragons Strike Back (2014)
  • Blackway (2015) (2015)
  • A Group of Guys (2016)
  • Wedding Story (2019)
  • Newark’s Many Saints (2020)

Net Worth at the Time of Ray’s Death

At the time of Liotta’s death, his net worth was about $14 million, according to estimates.

Real Estate Investments

Some of Ray’s money has been put into real estate. In 2004, he paid $1.44 million for a house in Pacific Palisades, California, which he sold for a profit in 2006. He also owns a $2.75 million home in Pacific Palisades, which he bought in 2007.

Personal Life

Raymond Allen Liotta has had two marriages. His first wife was the actress Michelle Grace. He has a daughter named Karsen with her. In 2004, they split up, and in 2007, Liotta married actress and producer Silvia Lombardo. In 2011, they split up.

Personal Life

Liotta is an actor, but he is also involved in many charities and organizations. He is a member of the American Stroke Association and the National Italian American Foundation, among others.

What is the Cause of Ray’s death?

Ray died in his sleep on May 26, 2022, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He was 67 years old. He was watching one of his movies about dangerous water. When he died, he was already engaged to his future wife, Jacy Nittolo.

Wrapping it Up

The amount of money Raymond Allen Liotta has shown how successful and long-lasting his career in show business has been. His numerous iconic roles and critically acclaimed performances have solidified his place in Hollywood history.

As long as he keeps working on new projects, his net worth is likely to keep going up. Even though he is very successful and has a lot of money, Raymond Allen Liotta stays grounded and is dedicated to giving back to the community through his charity work.

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