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Nene Leakes Net Worth | Attractive Hollywood Actress

Nene Leakes net worth is Approximately $15 million as of 2023. Many fans of the reality TV star are interested in how much money she has. If you watch a lot of reality TV, you’ve probably heard of Nene Leakes. The net worth of the woman who used to be on Real Housewives of Atlanta shows that she has had a long and successful career.

This article will discuss how Nene Leakes became one of the most famous people in Hollywood as well as the sum of money she is worth.

Who is Nene Leakes?

Nene Leakes is an American TV star, actress, and author who is well known. She became famous because she was one of the first people to be on the TV show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta“.

She has done many different things in her career over the years, like acting in sitcoms, hosting talk shows, and writing books. With her high-profile life, it’s no surprise that many people are interested in Nene Leakes’s net worth.


Real NameLinnethia Monique Johnson
Nick NameNene Leakes
Date of Birth13th December 1967
Age55 years old (As of 2023)
Height5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
ProfessionActress – TV Personality – Author – Entrepreneur
Salary$1 Million Per Year
Updated21th March 2023

Nene Leakes Net Worth

As of 2023, reality TV star Nene Leakes, who is 55 years old, has a net worth of $15 million. The original cast member of the reality television show The Real Housewives of Atlanta was able to secure a lucrative contract worth $1 million per season, in addition to additional bonuses such as a $250,000 Reunion show at the end of each season. During the 2015 season, Leakes was the most well-paid Bravo Housewife.

Nene Leakes was paid $1.5 million for the 2007 season. Glee star Nene Leakes is said to have made $10,000 per episode of the comedy-drama show on Fox. Additionally, Nene Leakes has a Broadway production, a sitcom, a clothing line, and her own television production company. All of these factors have increased her net worth.

How was Nene Leakes Early Life?

Nene Leakes’ real name is Linnethia Monique Johnson, and she was born on December 13, 1967, in Queens, New York City. Nene Leakes is a TV star, actress, host, author, and business owner. She was born in Athens, Georgia, and went to high school at Clarke Central.

She worked as a stripper after she graduated from supporting herself and her son, Bryson. Gregg and Nene Leakes got married in 1997, and their son’s name is Brett. Gregg had five kids from his first marriage, including twins Damien and Daryl Leakes, before he married Nene. Leakes and her step-children all lived under the same roof.

How did Nene Leakes Start His Career?

In the early 2000s, Leakes got her start in show business when she was on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, a short-lived reality show. Her bigger-than-life personality made her a fan favourite right away, and she quickly became one of the most popular people on the show.

The Atlanta Real Housewives

From 2008 to 2015, Leakes was on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She became a big star on the show very quickly. Some of her catchphrases, like “I’m rich, b****!” and “Bloop!” became popular and were often used in pop culture.

During her time on the show, Leakes was known for being a fiery person who often got into fights with her other castmates. Even though there was a lot of drama, she stayed a fan favourite and helped make The Real Housewives of Atlanta one of the most popular reality shows on TV.

Career in Acting

Leakes started acting after she left The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2015. She was cast as Coach Roz Washington on the popular TV show Glee, where she has a recurring role. In 2016, she played “Mama” Morton in the musical Chicago, which was her first time on Broadway.

She got good reviews for her performance, and the show did well financially.
Leakes has also been in a number of other TV shows and movies, such as The New Normal, The Game, and Girls Trip, a comedy.


Some people might find it funny or strange that Nene and Gregg are together. Gregg Leakes, a real estate investor, already had five kids before he married Nene. Different goals led the couple to split up in 2010, and their divorce was finalized in 2011.


But in 2013, less than two years after they broke up, they said they were back together and getting married. Bravo, which is part of NBCUniversal, filmed the wedding planning and ceremony for a show called I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding, which is a spin-off of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. On June 22nd, 2013, at the InterContinental Buckhead Hotel in Atlanta, NeNe and Gregg were remarried.

In 2018, Nene Leakes said that her husband had stage 3 colon cancer. This was five years after they got married again. When Gregg beat cancer a year later, in 2009, the family was overjoyed. But the cancer didn’t go away for good. Gregg Leakes, who was 66 years old when he died in 2021, had colon cancer.


Leakes, who is 55 years old, sued NBCUniversal, Bravo, the True Entertainment company, the Truly Original company, and the executive producers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, including Andy Cohen, who made her a millionaire, for discrimination in 2022.

We have already mentioned that the federal lawsuit alleges the companies condoned racist acts during filming. According to the articles, “NBC, Bravo, and True foster a corporate and workplace culture where racially insensitive and inappropriate behavior is tolerated, if not actively encouraged.” Currently, the parties are discussing alternative ways to settle the lawsuit.

Do You Know Nene Leakes’ Other Venture?

In 2006, she did a one-woman comedy tour of the United States called So Nasty, So Mean. Many of her shows have sold out since the tour began. She started her own clothing line, called Nene Leakes Collection, in 2004.

She also started Nene Leakes Entertainment, a company that makes TV shows and SWAGG boutiques in Maryland, Georgia, and Miami. But it’s not clear how well those plans worked out. News stories said that because of the lawsuit, many show businesses were hesitant to work with her.

Leaves the Georgia mansion she bought with her husband, who has since died, for $2 million in 2015. Gregg Leakes died of colon cancer the same month that Leakes put the house up for sale.

The original price on the open market was $2.1 million. After making two huge price cuts of $505,000 each, she found a buyer for $3.495 million, which is still a very nice profit. After selling her first house in Georgia, Leakes spent $260,000 to buy a small house in Duluth, Minnesota.

Wrapping It Up

Nene Leakes has done very well for herself. She came from a poor family in Georgia and worked hard to become one of the most famous faces in Hollywood. This shows that hard work and determination can pay off. Her net worth shows how successful she is, and it’s clear that she’s working on many more exciting projects.

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