Marco Hall Net Worth
Marco Hall Net Worth | A Journey to Success

Marco Hall net worth is $10 million (as of 2023). Marco Hall is a famous fighter, athlete, business owner, YouTuber, TikTok star, and media personality from Nevada. In the country, he is well-known for posting funny videos on several video-sharing networks.

Marco Hall’s Biography

NameMarco Hall
Real NameMarco Lynn Hall
Date of birth9 February 1985
Zodiac SignAquarius
Hair & Eyes ColorBlack & Brown
OriginNevada – USA
ProfessionBoxer, TikToker, Youtuber
Marital StatusMarried
WifeBrooke Ashley
Children3 (Braylon Hall – Mar’Cannon Hall
& Caedon Hall)
Net Worth$3 Million

Who is Marco Hall?

American boxer and YouTube star Marco is known for his videos. He may be best known for the funny and prank videos he posts on his TikTok account, which is called iammarcohall. Marco and his family all have their own social media channels where they often make videos together. Marco Hall net worth is approximately 10 million dollar.

Find out more about how Marco became famous and how he makes money.

How was Marco’s Early Life?

Marco Hall was born in Nevada, USA, on February 9, 1985. He is from a middle-class family and grew up in a pretty stable way. He has been interested in boxing since he was a child, so he decided to make a living at it.

How did Marco Start his Career?

Marco started boxing professionally in 2016, and he has since fought Cody Fuller, Angel Figueroa, Emil Brooks, Francisco Javier Lopez Chavez, and John Rodriguez, among many others. He aspired to be a professional athlete and boxer because he excelled at and enjoyed sports.

He got into his first fight when he was 26 years old, in 2011. He fought Angel Figueroa, Emil Brooks, Cody Fuller, John Rodriguez, and Francisco Javier Lopez Chavez over the next few years. Most of Marco’s fights have been against Chavez, who is seen as his biggest rival.

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Marco Hall | Social Platform

Hall started his TikTok channel at the end of 2019. At first, he used it to share videos of his workouts. After Marco posted a video of him training with Floyd Mayweather Jr., a famous boxing promoter and former pro boxer, the channel got a huge number of new subscribers.


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Around the same time, he switched to making prank and comedy videos on TikTok. His fame grew, and now Marco has millions of fans all over the world. This means that his views and likes are also in the millions.

Hall hasn’t quit boxing for sure, but he seems to be putting all of his attention on his social media business and hasn’t fought in a while.

Who is Marco’s Wife?

Marco is married to Ashley Brooke, who is also a huge star on TikTok and a powerful influencer in her own right. The boxer and social media star live with his wife and family in Los Angeles. While Marco mostly posts funny things, her wife makes dancing and lip-syncing videos that get people’s attention.

Ashley Brooke

Brooke is also a professional model, and she often gives beauty and fitness tips on her different social media channels. They both own a channel on YouTube called The Beverly Halls, which has more than 850k subscribers. Marco has two kids. Mar’Cannon Hall is the older one, and Caedon Hall is the younger one.

Marco Hall | Children

Marco is the stepfather of Braylon, Brooke’s son from a previous relationship, as well as Mar’Cannon Hall and Caedon Hall, the couple’s first and second sons.

Marco’s TikTok and YouTube videos often feature his whole family. The videos are a mix of comedy skits, reaction videos, pranks, and snippets of their daily lives and routines.

In March 2022, Marco and Brooke’s oldest son, Braylon, was diagnosed with a heart condition. This has become the main topic of many of their recent videos.

The family says that Braylon is handling the situation well and is still in a good mood.

What is the Reason of Marco’s Fame?

More than 1.1 billion people have watched videos on Marco’s YouTube channels, which brings in an average of about $3.5 million per year.

The family has 5 YouTube channels.

  1. The Beverly Halls (6.08M+ subscribers).
  2. Brooke Hall (154K+ subscribers).
  3. Marco Hall (109K+ subscribers)
  4. The Beverly Hall Boys (78.9K+ subscribers).
  5. Back Up Channel The Beverly Halls (100K+ subscribers)
The family posted videos of themselves moving into their new home, which showed that it was a luxurious mansion with stone or marble floors and indoor waterfalls.

There have been no reliable estimates of how much the property is worth, but it is clear that it is worth more than a million dollars. The boxer and social media star often promote brands on his Instagram page, but he hasn’t said how much he makes from these deals.

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Brooke Ashley Hall has a large number of fans on both TikTok and YouTube. Even though she often posts about her beauty routines, she has kept her earnings, affiliations, and sponsorships secret so far.

Marco and Brooke joked in one of their YouTube videos that they didn’t care much about cars and that they only had two.

On July 24, 2021, Brooke “pranked” Marco by buying him a Rolls Royce Cullinan truck, which was his dream car, as a gift.

The truck was worth about $70,000. A few months ago, Marco surprised his wife on her birthday in the same way by buying her a Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan, which starts at over $100,000.

Marco Hall Net Worth

The TikTok platform has helped a lot of regular people start their careers from scratch. One of these people who stands out is Marco Hall, who has a net worth of $3 million thanks to his social media influence. He took over Tiktok and became a huge viral hit because he was able to make incredibly funny videos that attracted and kept a huge audience.

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