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Lola Simone Rock is the daughter of the famous Actor and Standup comedian. Chris Rock and the famous writer and businesswoman Malaak Compton rock. Lola is currently a 20-year-old girl. She was born on June 28, 2002. Her parents were separated in 2014, and her father has admitted that he is unfair to Lola’s mother. Simone rock’s father, Chris, said he had an extramarital affair with three ladies on those days.

Lola Simone Rock:

Lora Simone rock is 20 years old and the daughter of the famous standup comedian and actor. Lola Simone was born in luxury. She could be a spoiled kid, but she has a golden heart. There is not much more information about Lola Simon rock’s childhood, but her father hinted in an interview that he raised her strictly, and sometimes her father beat her.

Of course, that doesn’t mean her father hates her. Lola Simone’s father often publicly confesses that the most special feeling in the world for him is being the father of Lola Simone.


A quick summary of Lola Simone’s rock is given below in a table.

Full nameLola Simone Rock
Nick nameLola
Place of birthNew york city
Date of birth28 Jun 2002
ProfessionCelebrity kid
FatherChris Rock
Mother NameMalaak Compton Rock
Marital statusSingle
Relationship historyNone
Net worth$60 million
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Height5 feet 1 inch (155 cm)

Parents of Lola Simone Rock:

Lola Simone is the daughter of standup comedian and Emmy-winning actor Chris Rock and writer and businesswoman Malaak Compton rock. Her grandparent’s name is Julius rock and Rosalie rock. Unfortunately, Simone rock’s grandfather passed away at 57.

Lola Simone Rock’s Mother:

It is wrong to say that Lola’s mother is just known as the wife of Chris rock. Before starting the relationship with Lola Simon’s parents, her mother was well-established and had a promising career. Malaak Compton rock studied well and has a degree in arts management.

According to our research, Lola Simon’s mother, Malaak Compton rock, before meeting with Chris Rock, had established a career as public relation executive. After marrying Chris rock, she was not settled down as just a housewife. She continued her career by becoming the founder of the nonprofit company Style work.

Malaak Compton rock created her organization in 2008 and worked in two series named “Entertainment Tonight” and “the Oprah Winfrey show.” Lola Simone’s mother is also an author and wrote books titled “100+ ways you can too” or more in 2010.

The Net Worth of Lola Simone Rock’s Father:

Lola Simone’s father, Chris, net worth is $60 million, and this net worth he earned from his acting career. With his great sense of humour, Chris is the top highest-paid comedian in the industry. Their sense of humour in Chris is excellent from his childhood days. Chris was not the only child of his parents. He has seven siblings five brothers and two sisters.

Lola Simone Rock's Father

Chris is the eldest of all siblings, and due to his dreams and passion, at the age of 4, he decided to be a comedy writer. Chris is a very passionate and hardworking person. Due to his hard work and confidence, he won two Emmy awards and was a three-time grammy winner. If we talk about his favourite person, Barack Obama is his favourite.

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Lola Simone’s Siblings:

Lola Simone has two sisters named Zahra Savannah and Ntombi fithi Ramnath. Lola Simone and Zahra Savannah are the biological children of Chris and Malaak. Still, Ntombi fithi samnath was an adopted child, and her birth parents are Chrispan Kenylin and Precious Nadebela.

Early Year of Lola’s Life:

As we previously mentioned, Lola’s birthplace is New York City, and she was born on June 28, 2002. She currently lives in America. She was the first child of her parents, and after that, she had one biological sister and another adopted sister.

As with other children, Lola will also get an education, but her schooling and college information is a secret. Lola Simone rock is a star kid, so her information is kept secret. She got a good education as her mother in a well-reputed institute.

Lola Simone Rock College:

As expected, Lola Simone also did formal studies, but the detail of her schooling is kept hidden.

Lola’s Parent’s Relationship and Divorce:

Chris and Malaak first meet at an award show. Their first meeting was generic and exciting. After that, they entered a relationship, and On November 23, 1996, Chris Rock and Malaak got married, and after six years of their marriage, they welcomed their first baby girl Lola Simone Rock. Chris and Malaak’s relationship and married life were good, but on August 22, 2016, they shocked their followers with their divorce.

Lola's Parent's

Chris filed for divorce in 2014. After their official divorce, Chris admits he is at fault and unfaithful to his wife. He also acknowledged that he has extramarital affairs with three other ladies. Chris and Malaak shared their daughter’s responsibilities equally and were good parents to their daughters.

Lola Simone’s Father’s Current date:

Lola’s father, Chris, is currently in a relationship with a famous British actress and singer, Carmen Ejogo. Chris and Ejogo started dating each other in 2019. Chris and Ejogo have eight years of an age gap. They have six years of relationship.

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The Net Worth of Lola Simone Rock:

The Current net worth of Lola Simone rock is unknown, but if we talk about the rough net worth, it is about 60 million dollars. Lola and his family live in Brooklyn in a $3 million home.

Lola Simone Rock Shows Involvement:

Lola Simon has a significant involvement in a program named trick-or-treat. This is a fundraising program sponsored by the US, especially for children. This program represents many Halloween-related events to raise awareness for funds. Lola is a good-hearted girl with great emotions. According to the research, the estimated fund of this show is about $188 million worldwide.

Jack & Jill of America:

Lola Simon rock attended the Jack & Jill of America to explore and broaden her leadership skills to fulfil her aim. This organization is created to build African-American leaders by strengthening the children. Lola Simon rock will graduate in 2020.

Lola Simone in old Folks home:

Our research found that when Lola Simone is doing her schooling, she is highly involved and serves the people in old homes. It will prove that she was not a spoilt celebrity child at all. She is very kind to oldies and other people. In an interview, Chris mentioned her work and said he was amazed to see such love toward her.

Lola Simone Rocks on Social Media Platforms:

Lola Simon rock is not available on any social media platform at all. According to our findings, Lola Simon rock has no Instagram or Facebook account, and her mother posts her pictures and activities on her account. Lola’s mother and father never mention her in her birthday wishes, meaning she had no social media account.


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Previously news had come up that an Instagram page is associated with her, but after some time, we have yet to find any content or page. Lola Simon Rock is also very passionate and hardworking like her parents, and she has a golden heart because she loves to help others and love people.


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