Journey River Green
journey river green – 1st adorable child of megan fox

Brian Austin Green & Megan Fox had a child together, Journey River Green. Journey’s parents are both well-known actors. All three children of the ex-celebrity couple have been born male. We’re all curious how the ex-spouses are handling the upbringing of their children.

We’ll learn more about Journey River Green in this article, including his age, relationship with his parents and siblings, and more!

Journey River Green Wiki: When is his Birthday?

Journey River Green Wiki: When is his Birthday?

The date of Journey River Green birth is August 4th, 2016. At 11 p.m. local time, he arrived in the world. Now that he’s five, he’s about to turn six.

Journey, Brian Austin and Megan Fox’s third child, is of Caucasian descent and American citizenship. Furthermore, he is descended from Scots. Megan is a Tennessean and her husband Brian is a Californian native.

Journey River Green Brothers

Journey River Green Brothers

In 2012, Megan and Brian welcomed their first child, a son named Noah Shannon Green. He was born on September 27th. Bodhi Ransom Green was born on February 12th, 2014, and is the family’s second child. Los Angeles is where all three Green siblings were born. The Green family was complete after Journey’s arrival.

Hollywood Best Parents

Hollywood Best Parents

During Brian and Megan’s relationship, they were both hailed as Hollywood’s best parents. A lot of time was spent with their children. The lovebirds made sure their sons felt loved up by going out a few times a week and spending quality time together even when they had a busy schedule.

Even after their divorce, the couple has made it a priority to provide for their children. All three of them are frequently visible on the Instagram accounts of their parents, with the exception of Megan, who rarely posts pictures of them.

The Parenting Style of Journey River Green’s Parents was Distinctive

 As previously stated, Megan and Brian’s approach to parenting was quite distinctive. In an appearance on Jaleel White’s show Ever After, Brian discussed how he and Megan care for their three children.

Some Fans Have Accused Megan Fox of being a Motherless Child

Brian and Megan, like many separated couples, spent time with their children on their own terms. You can keep your family photos private, but it’s a different story if you start doing so right after you’ve split from your spouse.

Since their divorce, Brian has been posting pictures of the boys all the time, but Megan hasn’t shared many of her own.

Megan Fox On Social Media

Megan Fox stopped posting pictures of her children while her ex-husband was still involved in the case? Yes, people began to criticize Megan for being an absentee mother.


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A post shared by Megan Fox (@meganfox)

There are times when Austin doesn’t have a chance to post a picture of his sons, but not so with Fox. Brian, for example, posted a picture of himself and Journey dressed up for Halloween in 2020. The fact that Megan hasn’t shared a single photo with her kids on this big occasion has led some fans to postulate that she doesn’t have the same level of closeness to her children as their father does.

She went on Instagram to lash out at her ex-husband for “feeding” the rumors that she’s an absent mother. She posted the same picture with an extremely negative status and demanded Brian remove the photo from his Facebook page.

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