Jose Trinidad Marin - theUSAtime
Jose Trinidad Marin – theUSAtime

José trinidad marín is a former celebrity spouse. The real name of Trion Marin is Jose Trinidad Marin, and his Nickname is Trion. He was born on 15 February 1964 in the country of the United States. He will be 57 years old in February 2021, according to his birth certificate. The guy has a lovely complexion and a healthy physique. 

He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 67 kg, with a well-defined muscular physique. Jose Trinidad Marin whose zodiac sign is Aquarius is of mixed ethnicity and has a mixed background.

Furthermore, He is a devout follower of Christ and a strong believer in the Christian religion. When it comes to Trinidad’s family, there is very little information available regarding his parents. He does, however, have a sibling, whose identity has not yet been revealed.

José trinidad marín Profile Summary:

Real NameJose Trinidad Marin
Date of BirthFeb 15, 1964
Birth PlaceUnited States
Age57 year old
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight67 kg
Eye colorDark brown
Hair colorBlack
Zodiac signAquarius
Marital StatusDivorced
Married toJenni Rivera
ProfessionRetired Administrator Manager at American-Mexico restaurant

 The Net Worth of Trinidad Marin:

According to our resources, Jose Trinidad Marin holds possession of 600000$ to 800000$. Jose Trinidad Marin got fired from his old management job. According to his words, someone had started the rumor that he wanted to start sexual relationships with his coworkers. But after interrogation, it came to light that it was never a rumor. Jose also assaulted one of his coworkers.

The Net Worth of Jose Trinidad Marin - theusatime
The Net Worth of Jose Trinidad Marin – theusatime

The career of Trino Marin:

Jose Trinidad Marin Trinidad Marin did not have any stable job when he initially started his career. He was struggling for years to have the perfect life he wanted. Unlike her wife, he is an ordinary man and works like one.

He used to work in several places to make ends meet when he first met Jenni. However, since he got married early, he now has to work for 3 people because his wife was pregnant before she got married. So he started looking for everything he could do and finally got a job in a restaurant as a manager.


This job gave him freedom and relief to support himself and his family decently. Unfortunately, there is no more information available about his career, but we know he was into business and did earn a good amount of money.

He wanted Jenni to stay at home and look after the house and kids, which Jenni didn’t want. So maybe that’s how the conflicts started, and they got separated. Jose Trinidad Marin was reported to easily move on after getting divorced and started his life again on proper terms.

Trinidad Marin wife:

He rose to fame when he got married to Jenni Rivera. She was a singer, actor, and songwriter. Spokesman, television producer, and entrepreneur.

They got married in 1984. Jenni became pregnant with their first child at 17 years old. She was still in high school when she had her first child.

Do You Know?🤷‍♀️

Jenni and Jose Trinidad Marin married in 1984 when they were still in high school. However, they split their paths in 1992.

 Both Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni had three children before their marriage ended in 1992. There were claims that José maltreated Jenni, his sister-in-law, and the kids. No information has yet been released about José’s new wife. He started his life all over with his new wife, somewhere in Riverside County.

Trinidad Marin martial life:

In the incipient phase of his romance with Jenny, Trion did many jobs. He started to earn a handsome amount when he was hired as a manager in a restaurant. He suggested her wife, Jenny Rivera, stay at home instead of going to college and continuing her studies. It was for the reason of taking care of their children and family better. Somehow Rivera understood it without arguing with him and the condition escalated into physical abuse.

After a divorce from Jenny, Jose Trinidad Marin Trinidad Marin started his new life in Riverside Country.  After all, they were parents to 3 kids. But unfortunately, their married life was filled with lots of difficulties and continual abuse. So they finally ripped apart their lives and decided to move on in their lives.

Children of Jose Trinidad Marin & Jenni Rivera:

Jenni had her first child when she was still in high school. The two former lovers had their first child on 26 June 1985. The first child was a girl, and they named her Cliques Rivera.  After a few years of their first child, the couple announced the arrival of their second daughter Jacqueline, whom they named Jacqueline. Jacqueline Rivera was born on 20 November 1989.


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In September 1991, Jenny confirmed her third pregnancy. They named him Michael; he is the couple’s youngest child. The three children are successful in their different fields. The first child, Chiquis, is following in her mother’s footsteps. She is pretty successful as a musician. The other children started their professional careers as English actors in both Mexican and American TV series.

José trinidad marín and Jenni Rivera divorced:

 Jenny Rivera’s ex-husband physically assaulted her and also did mental abuse. He sexually abused her daughter and her sister, and that was unexpected. The primary reason for their divorce was also mental and physical abuse.

After their divorce, the younger sister of Jenny Rivera who is named Rosie admitted that she was sexually molested in 1997 by Jenny Rivera’s husband Trion Marin. After that, he did the same with his daughter Cliques.

A sudden news item was revealed after a medical test that he had also done this with Jacqueline. In 1997, the molestation complaint was filed, and Trion Marin ran away for 9 years.  He was caught, in April 2006. He was convicted of sexual assault and rape. And then he was sentenced to more than 31 years in jail without the possibility of release. Trino Marin is now passing his time in prison for such offenses of crimes. In the same year, his ex-wife married Juan Lopez for the second time.

Trino’s molestation of his daughter and sister-in-law:

Jenny Rivera’s first husband had harmed Jenny and Jacqueline Marin, Jenny’s daughters. Following that, the individual continues to serve his sentence in prison. We all know that the band’s Diva, Jenny Rivera, had a long and fruitful musical career, but her personal life was a different story. The huge lady, I was continuously dealing with many personal issues and several partners in the process.

Jose Trinidad Marin Daughter - TheUSATime
Jose Trinidad Marin Daughter – TheUSATime

 However, one of the most defining moments in the singer’s life occurred when she discovered that her 43-year-old husband, Trino Marin, had molested his own kids, Chiquis and Jackie, as well as her sister-in-law, Rosie Rivera when they were both little girls.

The late singer Jenny Rivera found that her husband, José Trinidad Marin, better known as Trino Marin, had mistreated his own daughters in 1992, according to the portal. The Diva of the Band was placed in the hands of the Justice after learning this awful fact. Trino Marin, unfortunately for the Rivera family, managed to flee and has been a fugitive for the past 9 years.

When authorities were able to apprehend Trino Marn in 2006, Jenny Rivera steeled herself and disclosed the whole thing on television, after the big lady explained what happened, a devotee discovered the fugitive’s whereabouts. In addition to the assistance of a retired FBI agent who assisted Jenny and her family in catching it. 

Death of wife Trino’s Jenny Rivera:

Jenny lost her life in an air crash on 9 December 2012. There was a slight problem with the aircraft’s engine that led to a crash. Jenny and six other people died in that accident. Jenny Rivera is buried at the All-Soul’s Chapel and Cemetery.

Jose Marin’s Relation with His Daughters:

After all the dispute and assault allegations of Trion Marin, his all daughters are in good relation with him. His eldest daughter Cliques was also present at his wedding. Chris also runs a YouTube channel. She shared her whole conversation with Jose on her blog. In that video, Jaqueline attended to Jose’s call and then handed the phone to Cliquish.

After spending years in jail, younger daughter Jaqueline met her father Jose in 2017. She posted his meet-up photos with Jose Trinidad Marin on the internet and asked other people to forgive him. A YouTube Vlog of Cliques showed that Jose Trinidad Marin is still on good terms with his daughter, even after making their childhood a perplexing dream.

Trial Details of Jose Trinidad Marin:

According to media reports, Jose Trinidad Marin was found guilty in court for about 6 to 8 crimes. After several months of trials in 2007, the court announced that Jose was responsible for several lascivious acts with minor, aggravated and sexual assault, and harassed minor.

According to the transcripts of a preliminary hearing held last year, both girls experienced the abuse which consisted mostly of fondling more frequently when Marin was fighting with his wife.

The victims, who are now in their 20s, said they opted to keep the molestation quiet for years because Marin had threatened to harm other family members if they told. Finally, in 1997, the sister-in-law said, she realized she didn’t have to remain silent any longer.

There was a story about another girl being molested by an adult, and I remember my brother defending the girl and believing her immediately, she recalled from the witness stand.

So I said, If they believe her, then they’ll for sure believe me, and they’ll defend me, and they’ll protect me

Rivera’s daughter with Marin was 12 years old at the time. She testified that she refused to turn her father in because he threatened to send her to Mexico to live with his mother, a prospect that terrified her.

Also, she testified,

I was afraid that my mom would get very angry and possibly, I don’t know. I felt that she would probably kill him or something, and she would go to jail, and he would be dead.

I didn’t know where I was going to be. Furthermore, I was just afraid. Earlier this year, a hallway scuffle between the Rivera’s and Marin’s led Long Beach Courthouse bailiffs to heighten security in the case. At Marin’s hearing last week, the families remained on opposite sides of the courtroom, were released from court separately, and had no contact.

Judge Joan Compared Cassini, who will preside over the weeklong trial, prohibited the sides from interacting until the end of the case. I understand your feelings and your pain, she said, but it’s now in the process of the criminal justice system.

In the last effort to avoid trial, Marin’s attorney, Richard Poland, requested a dismissal of the case Wednesday on the grounds that his client had been denied his right to a speedy trial. Long Beach police, Poland argued, did too little to find his client during the last nine years.


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