Disturbia Cast

This article is about the Disturbia cast. Disturbia is a 2007 American psychological thriller film directed by D. J. Caruso, written by Christopher Landon and Carl Ellsworth, and starring Shia Labium, David Morse, Sarah Roemer, and Carrie-Anne Moss.

The film follows a teenager placed on house arrest for assaulting his school teacher and begins to spy on his neighbors, believing one of them is a possible serial killer. The film was released on April 13, 2007. It generally received positive reviews and grossed $118 million against a budget of $20 million which shows how technically perfect the management of Disturbia Cast worked.

The Disturbia Cast

  • Shia LaBeouf as Kale Brecht, 
  • David Morse as Robert Turner,
  • Sarah Roemer as Ashley Carlson, 
  • Carrie-Anne Moss as Julie Brecht, 
  • Aaron Yoo as Ronald Ronnie,
  • Viola Davis as Detective Parker, 
  • Jose Pablo Cantillo as Officer Gutierrez, 
  • .Matt Craven as Daniel Danny, 
  • Luciano Rauso and Brandon, and Daniel Caruso as the Greenwood boys,
  • Kevin Quinn as Mr. Carlson,
  • Elyse Mirto as Mrs. Carlson,
  • Suzanne Rico and Kent Shocknek as news anchors,
  • Rene Rivera as Senor Gutierrez, 
  • Amanda Walsh as Minnie Tyco,
  • Charles Carroll as Judge,
  • Gillian Shure as Turner’s Club Girl,
  • Dominic Daniel as Policeman,
  • Lisa Robin as Big Wheel Mom,
  • Cindy Lou Adkins as Mrs. Greenwood.

Box Office

Disturbia Cast performance was so good that the movie grossed $80.2 million in North America and $37.9 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $118.1 million, against a budget of $20 million. The film was released in the United States on April 13 and opened first at the box office with $22.2 million.

The film remained number one at the box office for the next two weeks, grossing $13 million and $9 million, respectively which shows how hard working Disturbia Cast was. In its fourth week, it earned $5.7 million and finished second behind the record-breaking Spider-Man 3 ($151.1 million), which is a witness of how hard Disturbia Cast worked.

  • Budget
  • $20,000,000 (estimated)
  • Gross US & Canada
  • $80,209,692
  • Opening weekend US & Canada
  • $22,224,982
  • April 15, 2007
  • Gross worldwide
  • $118,114,220

Disturbia Cast Reviews:

  • 69%Rotten Tomatoes
  • Disturbia scored 69 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Disturbia scored 6.8 out of 10 on IMDb.
  • 3/5Time Out

Development & Writing of Disturbia Cast

The script was written in the 1990s and was optioned. The original studio let the option expire after hearing about Christopher Reeve’s remake of Rear Window. It was not until 2004 that the script was rewritten and sold.

Executive producer Steven Spielberg arranged for Labeouf to be on the Disturbia Cast shortlisting because he was impressed by Labeouf’s work on Holes. Caruso auditioned over a hundred males for the role in five weeks before settling on LaBeouf as he was looking for someone “who guys would like and respond to, because he wasn’t going to be such a pretty boy.

LaBeouf was attracted to the role because of the director’s 2002 film The Salton Sea, which he complimented as one of his favorite films. Before filming started, the two watched the thriller films Rear Window starring James Stewart, Straw Dogs starring Dustin Hoffman, and The Conversation starring Gene Hackman.

They also viewed the 1989 romantic film Say Anything and mixed all the movies. Labeouf says he spoke to people on house arrest and locked himself in a room with the bracelet to feel what the confinement of house arrest is like.

He commented in an interview, “…it’s hard. I’m not going to say it’s more complicated than jail, but it’s tough. House arrest is brutal because everything is available. Caruso allowed him to improvise whenever necessary to make the dialogue appeal to the current generation.

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Summary of Disturbia and Distubia Cast Roles:

A year after Kale Brecht’s (Shia Labeouf) father is killed in a car accident, Kale is arrested after attacking a teacher who remarked to Kale’s father, saying, “What would your father think?” Pleading guilty to the assault charge and six months away from being eighteen (the maximum penalty is a year in juvie) considering his prior criminal record, three.

Still, The judge is sympathetic towards Kale, sentencing him to three months of house arrest. He is then secured with an ankle monitor and a proximity sensor which prohibits him from leaving a 100-foot radius of his house.

Kale initially satiates his boredom by playing video games, but his mother, Julie Brecht (Carrie-Anne Moss), cancels his Xbox Live and iTunes accounts and cuts the cord of his television, forcing him to find something else to do. This leads Kale to start spying upon the surrounding neighborhood, including his new neighbor, Ashley Carlson (Sarah Roemer).

Kale begins to become suspicious of his neighbor, Robert Turner (David Morse), after several weird occurrences at his house lead Kale to believe he is a serial killer. Kale and his best friend Ronnie (Aaron Yoo) begin researching information on Turner and his possible victims. After being alerted to Kale and Ronnie’s spying, Ashley confronts Kale and subsequently joins the pair in helping them investigate Turner.

That night, Kale observes a date of Turner’s panic. After Turner turns off his lights, Kale uses his binoculars to see what’s happening. As Kale pans from window to window, he sees Turner looking straight at him. After Kale hides, he sees Turner’s date leaving. The following day, Kale is shocked after he enters his kitchen to see his mom flirting with Turner.

Before Turner leaves, he implies threats to Kale that go unnoticed by Julie. That night, Ashley confronts Kale after he attempts to ruin a party she is throwing. He tells her of his burgeoning feelings for her, and they start kissing. Later, with Kale and Ashley watching, Turner drags a heavy bag to his garage with blood on it.

The next day, Kale insists that Ronnie break into Turner’s car to get his garage door opener, while Ashley follows Turner to inform Kale if he goes home. Ronnie manages to get the garage code but accidentally leaves his cell phone behind. Meanwhile, after Ashley loses Turner, he suddenly appears in front of her car.

He gets in and tells her that all he wants is privacy while insinuating that harm may come to her if she continues to spy on him. That night, realizing that he left his phone in Turner’s car, Ronnie attempts to get it back. In Turner’s garage, video camera in hand, Ronnie recovers his phone when the garage door suddenly shuts. Ronnie thinks somebody is there, leading him to run and hide in Turner’s house.

As Kale attempts to rescue him, his ankle monitor goes off. The police arrive, and Kale informs them that Ronnie is in danger. Hearing the noise, Turner comes out and allows the officers to search his garage. Ronnie is nowhere to be found when Kale suggests they look in the bloody bag.

They open it to reveal it contains the remains of a deer that Turner had hit with his car. Later, Julie goes across the street to talk to Turner, with the hope of steering him away from pressing charges. Kale’s fears of Ronnie being dead are satiated when Ronnie reveals himself to be alive and unharmed. Kale then watches Ronnie’s videotape; in the video, as Ronnie falls over, he accidentally filmed something hidden behind an air vent.

Kale zooms in and sees what looks like a clear bag with a dead body inside. At the same time, Julie turns her back on Turner, knocking her out. Turner goes to Kale’s house where he knocks out Ronnie with a bat and, after a struggle between the two, binds and gags Kale with duct tape.

Turner begins to reveal his plan to frame Kale when Ashley distracts Turner. Kale attacks Turner and, with Ashley’s help, manages to subdue him. With Turner slowed down, Kale and Ashley hide in Kale’s room, and she frees Kale from the duct tape binding him and taping his mouth.

Turner suddenly returns and breaks down the door with the baseball bat, like Kale and Ashley escape by jumping out a nearby window down to Ashley’s pool. Kale grabs a pair of garden shears and goes to search for his mother, while Ashley goes to warn the police. Meanwhile, an officer (the cousin of the teacher Kale attacked) alerted Kale’s bracelet, arrived, and entered Turner’s house.

Turner sneaks up behind him and breaks his neck as he walks through. Proceeding to the basement of Turner’s house, Kale falls through the floor and lands in a pool containing several dead bodies in various states of decay.

He climbs out and eventually finds Julie bound and gagged. Turner suddenly appears, and Julie stabs Turner in the leg, giving Kale time to kill Turner with the gardening shears. Kale and Julie exit the house as the police arrive. Kale’s ankle monitor is finally removed, and he is released from house arrest for good behavior.

Later, Kale gets revenge on the three kids who egged his house by calling their mother about them watching porn movies posing as a satellite TV operator. After, Ashley and Kale begin making out on a sofa when they are interrupted by Ronnie filming them. Kale flips him off as he continues to kiss Ashley.    

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