Cole Carrigan
Cole Carrigan-Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio, Birthday, & Wiki!

Cole Carrigan:

Cole Carrigan is a Makeup Artist, TikTok star, and a Model from the United States. He is known for his Looks, Style, charming grin, and Amazing Personality. He is likewise famous for his eye-getting Instagram pictures and Videos. He has a colossal fan following and is among the most moving characters on TikTok. You will before long see him in modelling shoots. He is renowned for parody video cuts and moving recordings and performs lip matches on TikTok (

He ordinarily shares his elegant outfits and displays photographs on his Instagram. He underwrites different brands & works together with various powerhouses. He, as often as possible, transfers displaying pictures. He is a cosmetics craftsman and offers other images of himself with different innovative cosmetics. Cole Carrigan gets a kick out of the chance to make reels. Look at his presentation. He jumps at the opportunity to make IGTV recordings. Look at his exhibition. He appreciates making Tiktok. Look at his TikTok Acts. He is a wellness devotee, and his Instagram is brimming with selfishness.

Profile Summary:

Full NameCole Carrigan
Age23 years
BirthdayJuly 03
Marital statusSingle
Net Worth$14,000
ProfessionMake-up artist, YouTube star, Brand ambassador, Instagram star
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBrown
BirthplaceDallas, Texas

Physical Appearance:

He is intelligent and cute. He is tremendously well known among youth. He is roughly 5’3″ inches tall and weighs around 72 kg.

He has a Lean Build and blue eyes, and light hair. According to Astrologers, Cole Corrigan’s zodiac sign is Cancer.

How Old is Corrigan?

On July 03, 1998, Cole Carrigan was born & is now 23 years old. Cole, likewise, is originally from Dallas but relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a makeup artist.

There is no information about his parents, siblings, or other family members. He has not disclosed any information about his educational background. Moreover, given his age, he may be attending a bachelor’s level college unless he decides to discontinue his studies and focus on his professional career from an early age.

Who is Cole Dating?

According to our records, he is possibly single & has not been previously engaged.

As of December 2021, Cole Carrigan is not dating anyone, and we have no records of relationships with Cole.

Is Cole Gay?

Cole Carrigan is an openly homosexual social media user, i.e. he is gay. His relationship status, however, is unknown. His social media posts also do not focus on his current affairs or romantic relationships.

Cole Carrigan accused Austin McBroom of raping one of his close friends in Miami in 2019. The date of this accusation is October 14, 2019, and Cole also accused Austin of paying a gossip logger $500k not to post about his actions.

What did Cole Carrigan do Before Fame?

Carrigan is a self-taught artist who first started by uploading tutorial videos through his YouTube channel beginning in May of 2013. Carrigan then started sharing photos of his works through Instagram in March of 2017. Cole Carrigan promotes for and is an ambassador for several different makeup and beauty brands, including Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lilly Lashes, & Jeffrey Star Cosmetics.

Carrigan is known for having designed the Halloween makeup for Jeffrey Star and shared the photos from the Louis Vuitton Massacre costume through his Instagram in October of 2018. He shares portraits and photos of his designs on Instagram for his over 330,000 followers.

Did you know?

Cole’s ban on TikTok sparks speculation of his “love affair with another you Tuber” You Tuber & TikTok. Cole Carrigan has been permanently banned from TikTok following a recent post claiming Cole “had a secret love affair” with another unnamed You Tuber.

Career line of Carrigan:

  • Cole Carrigan is a professional makeup artist known for his elaborate designs, which he frequently creates for high-fashion events. He also specializes in FX makeup. Cole
  • Cole Carrigan also posts portraits and photos of his plans on Instagram, where he has over 353,000 followers at writing this biography.
  • Similarly, Cole Carrigan is a self-taught artist. In May of 2013, Cole began his career by uploading tutorial videos to his YouTube channel. Cole then shared photos of his works on Instagram in March of 2017.
  • He also promotes and ambassadors for several makeup and beauty brands, including Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lilly Lashes & Jeffrey Star Cosmetics. Carrigan is also well-known for designing Jeffrey Star’s Halloween makeup. Cole Carrigan also shared photos from the Louis Vuitton Massacre costume on Instagram in October of 2018.
  • Cole Carrigan launched his self-titled YouTube channel on May 05, 2013. Currently, this channel has 5,156,504 views & 236K subscribers. The most recent video is from June 22 2017. And its name is EDC LAS VEGAS 2017, and this particular video received over 1.7k views.
  • The most-watched video is Why I Left Team 10… Since it was posted on July 21, 2019, it has received over 1.9 million views.
  • Other videos with 300,000 views include Cutting up a Louis Vuitton, which has 466k, 403k, & 347k views, respectively, and are still growing.
  • Carrigan was also a member of Team 10. Jake co-founded this social media incubator & management firm.
  • On the other hand, Cole Carrigan posted a 23-minute video on his YouTube channel. It is the video titled Why I Left Team 10…, which was shared on July 21 2019, and currently has over 1.8 million views. In this video, Cole discusses how certain events caused him to leave the Team 10 house.
  • Team 10 transforms influencers into superstars & its members harness their collective power by creating videos together on their Team 10 YouTube channel & each member’s channel.
  • Team 10 members collaborate because they live & work together. It is a combination of mentoring and collaboration.

Audience Perception of Cole’s Allegations:

Cole Carrigan received the angriest responses, with people telling him it was unfair of him to “out” as You Tuber, let alone make such claims.

Others were quick to guess names relating to YouTubers who have become professional boxers, such as Jake Paul or Logan Paul.

Rumors & Controversy:

It is well known that several bad and wrong information about figures like him spread like wildfire. His haters can make stories & attempt to take his repo down out of jealousy & envy, but Cole Carrigan has never given much thought to it or always concentrates on positivity and love.

Cole always tries to keep himself distant from controversies. Cole іѕ а creative thinker with a positive attitude, an inner-directed, self-motivated individual who works with focus and determination to turn dreams іntо reality.

Did Cole’s Apology Come Across as Sincere??

“For me to stay out of court & not get sued, I have to issue an apology to Mr West and Kim Kardashian West. So hi, Kim, if you are watching this, I am so sorry, I honestly did this because your husband voted for Trump, and we can’t have that clownery in America, so you are welcome,” was his statement.

The alleged hotel meeting allegedly took place on November 24, 2020, which would have been 20 solid days after Election Day, & it’s been a well-known fact for many years that Kanye West supports President Donald Trump…which leads us to have more questions than answers about this apology.

Did Cole Carrigan Delete his YouTube channel?

He revealed that his Twitter had been suspended, his YouTube channel was gone & even appeared to show that new email addresses were being added to his various accounts, leaving only his Instagram free.

What is Cole’s Net Worth?

Cole has a net worth of $14,000. Cole has over 30 videos on his YouTube channel, which have received over 14.1 million views. He makes two new videos per month, earning 15.5k video views and 86 new subscribers per day.

Earnings and Income History:

Cole’s income & salary history details are here. The current estimated income of Cole is $275,789, while in 2021, Cole was earning $259,241, and in 2020, making was $238,502. Based on our research and study, He had an income of $228,962 in 2019 and $212,935 in 2018, utilizing their skills as a Makeup Artist. Details are in the income history table below.

Facts About Cole:

  • Cole TikTok id is colecarrigan1.
  • His Instagram has 326K+ adherents.
  • He has functioned as an expert model.
  • He continued posting his Amazing pictures on Instagram.
  • His TikTok account has 357K+ fans.
  • Cole has worked together with different other powerhouses.
  • He has different tattoos on his body.
  • He is very well known for his trendy looks.
  • He habitually transfers shirtless pictures.
  • He is a Social media Influencer.
  • He endorses different Brands.

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