Anna Delvey Net Worth
Anna Delvey Net Worth | All You Need To Know

Anna Delvey net worth is thought to be $75 million as of 2023. She works as a model, Interior Designer, and investor. Anna was able to make a lot of money and be very happy.

In this article, we’re going to look more closely at how much money Anna Delvey has and how she’s made it over the years.


Full NameAnna Vadimovna Sorokina
Nick NameAnna Delvey
Birth of DateJanuary 23, 1991
Birth PlaceDomodedovo, Moscow, Russia
Age32 years old (As of 2023)
Height5 ft 5 in (164 cm)
Weight55 kg (121 lbs)
Eye ColorGrey- Blue
Hair ColorLight Brown
Hair typeShiny
Hair LengthLong
ProfessionModel, Investor, Interior Designer
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net Worth$75 Million

Who is Anna Delvey?

Anna Delvey
Who is Anna Delvey?

Anna Delvey comes from Germany. She started out as a model, which brought her some success and fame. She made a good amount of money because she was good at modeling. Anna Delvey later went into real estate and became a very successful interior designer.

Anna Delvey Net Worth

Anna Delvey has frequently been featured in the media Because of her immense wealth and lavish lifestyle, despite the fact that when the police caught her for fraud and felony charges, they took most of her money.

It’s a shame for a wealthy woman like her that she can’t put her money to better use at the moment. No one knows how much money Anna Delvey actually has because she has fooled so many people over the years. However, in estimation, there is a figure of roughly Anna Sorokin net worth of $75 million.

Early Years

Anna Delvey, whose real name goes by the name Anna Sorokin, was born in Domodedovo, Russia, on January 23, 1991. Her parents came from a working-class family. She spent most of her childhood in Russia, where her mother ran a small store, and her father was a middle-class truck driver. When she was 16, she moved to Germany and started taking English and German classes.


Anna comes from a simple family with a long history of hard work. Mr. Vadim Sorokin, her father, has been a truck driver for NKS Transport Company for most of his life.
Later, he was given a job as an Executive in the same company. But this business shut down in 2013, and her father started his own company. Mr. Vadim’s first business was a heating and cooling company.

He began not only a heating and cooling enterprise but also an electrical installation enterprise for his family. Her father has been married to her mother since 1990 or 1991.
Her mother also has her own business. Before she retired, she ran a small store that sold food and drinks. Anna’s parents have a daughter and a son. Anna is one of the children.


Anna Delvey went to Germany’s Episcopal School when she was young. It was a Catholic school. She later moved to London to continue her education at Central Saint Martin’s. She did fall in the first year, though. Then Anna Delvey moved to Paris and found work there.


Delvey went to New York City for New York Fashion Week as part of her internship. She decided to stay and try to make friends with some of the top people in the industry, though.

Delvey set up a private foundation while she was in New York City and asked people in the fashion industry for money.

After not doing well at first, Delvey started to convince people, including Macaulay Culkin, that she was very rich. She set up a fake trust fund to get big loans that she didn’t plan to pay back.

From 2013 to 2017, Delvey was able to trick a lot of her creditors, including her former friend and Vanity Fair writer Rachel DeLoache Williams, into giving her money. She ended up with almost $300,000.

Williams ended up writing a story about Delvey’s illegal actions, and the Los Angeles Police Department caught Delvey in a sting operation in 2017. This led to her arrest and conviction, for which she could get up to 12 years in prison.


Anna Delvey is 1.64 m tall, which is 5 feet 5 inches. She is a healthy 55 kg and has a thin build. Her eyes are a grayish-blue color, and her hair is a light brown color.

Anna Delvey – Assets

Home: Anna Delvey was rich and well-known in Germany, but she started her career in the United States. However, she was recently accused of fraud and a felony, leading to her incarceration and the loss of her assets.

Anna still has possession of all of her previous real estate. She has homes in New York, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and other places.

Cars: Anna Delvey has a nice collection of cars, which includes some of the best and most expensive cars in the world. Delvey has a Range Rover, Mercedes, and Audi, among other high-end cars. You might also want to know how much money Cynthia Bailey has.

Anna Delvey – Netflix Story

Anna Delvey was a con artist who stole tens of thousands of dollars from people and businesses in New York City. In 2022, Netflix made her story into a popular 6-part series called “Inventing Anna.”

Anna used the $320k that the show paid her for the rights to her story to pay off her debts, which included restitution, fines, and attorney fees. But she never paid back the money her friends gave her.

Anna was caught and found guilty of grand theft in 2017. She spent two years in prison and was let out for being a good prisoner in 2021. But later, ICE caught her and sent her back to prison.


Before she went to prison, Anna didn’t have a boyfriend. But while her trial was going on, rumors spread that her lawyer, Mr. Todd Sodek, was seeing her. Because she believed he was seeing Anna, Todd’s real wife left him. Anna was the reason for her departure.

Personal Life

Anna Delvey has never been married and has never had children. Most of her past relationships have been kept secret.

After using a bidding war to hide who her ex-boyfriend was, it came out that he was the South Korean businessman Hunter Lee Soik. Delvey was known for being very active on social media.

She had an official Instagram account that was regularly updated. Part of Delvey’s sentence, though, said that she couldn’t use social media after October 2022. Her Instagram, however, was not deleted, and it still has links to buy her art.

Anna Delvey’s Spending Habits

The person named Anna Delvey was always looking for the most expensive cars and houses in the world, but not Anna Sorokin.

Most of the money Sorokin makes goes out right away to pay off state fines, pay back the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, and keep from getting more charges.

Wrapping It Up

Friends and people who used to know her to say that Anna Delvey, also known as Anna Sorokin, is a liar and a very mean woman. She has always hidden behind the name of a rich German and acted like she was a millionaire.

She did some very bad things, and now she is in jail, where she will stay for a long time. Most of her money and property are taken away. Netflix took the chance to make a series about her life, which made her well-known.

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